Mark Wright says the “scary” lump was “so big and growing fast” before removal

Mark Wright revealed how worried he was by his recent health fear.

In December last year, doctors had to remove a lump from the armpit area of ​​the former TOWIE star, and the TV presenter explained his fears of having the tumor removed.

In an interview with The mirrorMark, 35, discussed concerns about the rate at which growth is forming.

Asked if he found the experience frightening, he admitted: “It was in the beginning. They couldn’t tell me if it was lipoma [a lump that grows under the skin]. Even after an ultrasound scan and an MRI and so on, they still couldn’t tell me.

Doctors removed a lump from Mark Wright’s armpits last December

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The host of Heart FM explained his fears at the time, saying, “It was just so big and growing pretty fast, so that was what worried me.”

Mark explained, “Instead of doing a biopsy, they took it out and then I got the results about a week later and I realized it wasn’t cancer. So it was scary until then, then I felt a lot better.”

The former footballer told fans immediately after the operation: “It was a terribly alarming time, but it’s done now, it’s in the past.”

Mark Wright underwent surgery in December to remove a benign lump in his armpit
Mark has already revealed the alarming moment

Mark was thinking in an Instagram post at the time: “Honestly, my head is already cleared. I had worries and worries about what it would be like, and just staying inside and recovering left me feeling a little depressed and not very motivated.

“Just a message from me to you, now I’ve started training again, I just feel so much better that my head clears. And that’s why I’m coming here to talk to you about what’s coming in 2022.”

Mark and his wife, an actress Michelle Keeganlooking forward to this year.

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan are excited "to move to a mansion we have worked so hard for"
Mark and wife Michelle Keegan are getting ready to move into their new home

The couple will move soon in a brand new mansion for £ 3.5 million in Essex.

The couple received permission to plan to demolish the house earlier, and the famous couple documented that their dream home was built.

Speaking of GOOD !, Mark told us it wouldn’t be long before they could make the most of the new tape and other special features of their new pad.

Mark Wright
Mark also showed the bar in his new dream home to Michelle

The radio host revealed: “I think we have a few weeks left, I hope. It was a stressful but fun time.

“I’m very excited that this will be done and just move in and live in the amenities we’ve worked so hard for.”

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Mark Wright says the "scary" lump was "so big and growing fast" before removal

Source link Mark Wright says the "scary" lump was "so big and growing fast" before removal

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