Mark Wood eager to take advantage of the opportunity in the ashes

Markwood I am eager to make the most of his opportunities in the future Ash Series and warnings Australia They will face different bowlers than they did six years ago.

NS England While he missed the previous down-under team due to ankle problems, in the latest battle of 2019, Quick Bowler recovered in time to feature in the series of the day, but Quick was absent. the end of.

Wood’s only ash appearance occurred in the 2015 home series where he claimed 10 wickets, but he only made his test debut a few months ago and is now another batter’s suggestion. ..

Markwood wants to make his mark with ashes (PA)

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Since he extended his run-up, the 31-year-old has averaged 25.5 on nine tests and wants to “stick to one” on the buggy green test.

“As an Englishman, playing against Australia is one of the biggest things you can do,” Wood said in a BBC project ash documentary.

“I played a lot of cricket a day against them and had some success. I’ve had a lot of success as a team, but I’ve also been successful personally, so once again at the highest level. I would like to test.

“I was a little naive and young in terms of test career (2015 series), not age. I was just getting started and not everything was fresh and I would like to try again.

I would like to test myself again at the highest level

Australian markwood

“I think I’m a different bowler than I was at that time. I’m pretty weird and confident. I believed in my inner self at the time, but I didn’t put together a performance, so I lost confidence. In the end, I think I was doing my best every time I returned to the team.

“I feel like an English cricket player to change the run-ups of the Saint Lucia test and the Johannesburg test and then put these five furs in the bag. To confront this buggy green.” They keep talking. That’s what we’re wearing “buggy blues”, so I’d like to paste them. “

Wood is still in quarantine, alongside other Ash members who competed in the Twenty20 World Cup in early November.

Mark Wood eager to take advantage of the opportunity in the ashes

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