Mark and Donnie Wahlberg carry the casket of their deceased mother, Alma, during a funeral in Boston.

Mark Wahlberg and his brother Donnie said goodbye to their deceased mother, Alma, on Saturday while carrying a casket during a funeral service.

Wahlberg Patriarch Died on April 18th At the age of 78.


Mark and Donnie Wahlberg helped carry the casket of his deceased mother, Alma, at a funeral.Credit: BackGrid

markThe 49-year-old was filming his new movie Stu in Los Angeles last week and flew to Massachusetts for service.

The funeral was held at St. Teresa’s Church in Calcutta, Dorchester, Massachusetts.

He attended with his wife, Rhea Durham, who has been married since 2009, but Donnie also had a wife. Jenny McCarthy, For support.

After a church service for Alma, Mark, his brother, and a few other men carried her casket, so her family and friends gathered outside.


The funeral took place on Saturday in Dorchester, Massachusetts.Credit: BackGrid


Mark wore navy blue pants and a long-sleeved polo shirt for serviceCredit: BackGrid


Donnie wore a dark suit and wore a face mask and sunglassesCredit: BackGrid


Their mother, Alma, died on April 18 at the age of 78Credit: Getty

Ted’s actor wore navy blue trousers, a gray long-sleeved polo shirt, and a white face mask.

51-year-old Donnie wore a dark suit and attended.

When the group of men went out, two policemen stood on either side of the double doors of the church.

Alma’s Cause of death unknownHowever, nine mothers suffered from poor health and dementia.


Both Mark and Donnie were funeral supported by their wivesCredit: BackGrid


Mark was there with his 11-year-old wife Rhea DurhamCredit: BackGrid


Six-year Donnie’s wife, Jenny McCarthy, was also thereCredit: BackGrid


Mark helped carry the casket inside and outside the churchCredit: BackGrid


The worship took place at the Church of St. Theresa in CalcuttaCredit: BackGrid

Mark shared the sad news on Instagram last Sunday that his mother died with the caption “My angel. Rest assured.”

Donnie shared a heartfelt memorable video with Alma, including a video of Rollerblade and a speech at a black tie event.

He explains: “I am very fortunate to have been brought into this world, raised, taught and started on the path of life by such a wonderful woman.

“My mother Alma’s life, love, and joy for the people, coupled with her pride in her humble beginnings and her refusal to forget where she came from, definitely made me a man who is me. Shaped into.


Alma often appeared on the family reality show Wall BurgersCredit: A & E


Donnie shared a moving compliment to her deceased mother. [he’s] Known so far “Credit: Getty

“I often say, if you like me, I got it from Alma. That’s true, so I say it.

“She was arguably the most affectionate person I have ever known.”

“Mom, it’s time to rest peacefully.

“I love you, I miss you, thank you, and today and always celebrate you. Forever — your baby donnie.”

Alma is often Introduced in the family A & E series, Wahlburgers.

she is Mother of 9 children – Paul, Arthur, Tracy, Michelle, Jim, Debbie, Robert, Donnie, Mark Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg’s mom Alma dies at the age of 78 – Donnie shares a heartbreaking video tribute to family patriarchs

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg carry the casket of their deceased mother, Alma, during a funeral in Boston.

Source link Mark and Donnie Wahlberg carry the casket of their deceased mother, Alma, during a funeral in Boston.

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