Mario Draghi accepts mandate to form a new Italian government

Mario Draghi accepts a request from the Italian president and attempts to form a national unity government as the country fights to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and the most serious economic crisis in postwar history. I did.

Draghi, a former president of the European Central Bank and one of the most acclaimed civil servants of the European Central Bank, has been with the country’s political parties after being delegated by Italian President Sergio. Called for unity before starting political talks in Italy. Mattarella.

“Thanks to the trust that the President of the Republic has given me. Mr Draghi outlined the range of challenges facing the third-largest economy in the euro area and gave a short speech at the country’s presidential residence. I mentioned in.

“We will face the pandemic, complete vaccination campaigns, provide answers to citizens and reopen the country. These are the challenges we face,” he said.

Draghi, who has no history of electoral politics, was pushed to the political stage when Italy recorded more than 88,000 deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He must now try to get enough support among the members of the country to form a new unified government. Failure to achieve this will likely trigger a sudden election that Mattarella warned, creating significant uncertainty in the midst of a pandemic.

Draghi said he was confident that a “responsible response” would emerge after consulting with the leaders of Italian political parties when trying to establish a new coalition government.

He also clarified the “EU extraordinary resources” that Italy is expected to receive as part of the post-pandemic recovery fund for the block, which was available to Italy as a result of a € 200 billion loan and grant. Mentioned.

Former ECB Governor was drafted by Mattarella after an attempt to revive a coalition government led by former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte collapsed this week and lacked a stable government in the midst of a serious national crisis.

Draghi now has to start talks with political parties across Italy’s political spectrum, some of which, even if it could cause political backlash among supporters. We are facing a painful decision as to whether to support a possible government.

To achieve the majority, he almost certainly needs to persuade him to either the anti-immigrant federation led by Matteo Salvini or the former anti-Euro Five Star Movement.

On Wednesday, Salvini did not rule out support for the Draghi government, but said it would be subject to the proposed policy.

Still, Salvini has repeatedly called for a new general election that can leverage the party’s strengths in national polls.

“For us, supporting Draghi will be an effort and a big bet,” League MP Edoardo Rixi told the . “On the one hand we appreciate his skills and on the other hand we are afraid of governments that do not protect national interests. This is a dilemma that governs not only the league, but the entire centre-right.”

On Tuesday, Interim Leader of the Five Star Movement, Vito Crimi, ruled out support for Draghi’s technocratic government. However, several five-star lawmakers said the party was heavily divided on this issue and could potentially divide.

“In the case of the Five Star Movement, going to elections after supporting the Draghi administration means less than 10 percent in polls,” said one five-star lawmaker.

Italy’s centre-left Democratic Party and Italy’s Viva, a small spin-off party led by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, are expected to definitely support the former ECB president.

Daniela Subrolini, Italy’s Viva MP, said she believes Draghi is very likely to gain enough support to form a government. “There is a majority of Draghi and it will be a cross party,” she said.

“Mario Draghi represents authority, which is the most pro-European choice possible, and is therefore guaranteed in the eyes of Europe and the world. Such a well-known person is us. Will be able to start again and turn over new leaves with strong pro-European and political imprints. “

Mario Draghi accepts mandate to form a new Italian government

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