Many creative industries could update with Nvidia’s StyleGAN

Nvidia (the author’s client) has been doing a lot of great things lately, from creating workstations designed to design the metaverse to digital assistants evolving into human digital twins to tools that could let anyone creating very strong art. It is one of the most interesting tools StyleGAN Generatorwhich creates human faces by merging pictures.

This artificial intelligence-based training contains 70,000 high-quality PNG images (each at a resolution of 1024 × 1024 pixels) that allow a user to gain almost unlimited flexibility from source material.

StyleGAN has been around since 2018, it became more widely available in 2019 when the open source code went, and is now in its third exchange. StyleGAN3 was released last October.

One of the advantages for us who work with images is the ability to make them out of large pools of protected source images without addressing copyright issues or worrying about copyright infringement. And as the process of incorporating other images develops (which is essentially an image blending engine), it may allow you to merge professional photos from multiple sources to create beautiful unique images or pictures created from memories or from imagination with little or no connection to them. nothing real.

An AI-powered image blending tool like StyleGAN could make a big difference and improve some industries and practices (or use it for “deep fakes”) more celestially). Let’s explore.

Automated crime sketch artists?

I watch many crime procedures on TV; a segment is usually where a person sits in front of a sketcher to create a criminal image they have witnessed. Conversations AI could automate that whole process. The witness could be shown an evolutionary picture with examples of features that merge under command until the picture comes to the victim’s memory. The end result is a photorealistic image that can use facial recognition programs to quickly locate the criminal. (The collateral damage was that law enforcement sketchers would no longer be needed.)

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Many creative industries could update with Nvidia’s StyleGAN

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