Manufacturer of abortion pills plans multinational legal action to maintain access to drugs

In fact, two Texas lawmakers on Wednesday announced plans to introduce legislation that explicitly prohibits prescribing, mixing or dispensing abortion drugs unless it saves a pregnant woman’s life, in what they say is a response to statements by Biden administration officials across the country. Access to pills.

State spokesman Brian Harrison – who served as Trump’s HHS chief of staff – and Tom Oliverson acknowledge that abortion drug bans already exist under Texas law, but their state “must do everything in its power to protect its clear constitutional authority.”

Some legal scholars who support abortion rights argue that the FDA should argue that its drug approval decisions hinder state action to restrict or ban the use of mifepristone. The notion of prevention, which derives from the rule of constitutional rule, says that federal law transcends state law when it comes to two conflicts.

“The FDA has determined that this drug is safe and effective, and it is in the public health interest to make this drug very affordable,” Parsigian said.

A spokesman for Danco Laboratories, which produces mifepristone under the brand name Mifeprex, said the company has no plans at this time to challenge state abortion laws restricting the use of its drug.

The FDA did not immediately respond Wednesday when asked if the agency plans to join future lawsuits complicating restrictions or bans on abortion medications.

Parsigian said the company would focus on restricted states that “violate the purpose of FDA regulations,” allowing federal regulators to determine if a drug is safe and effective before it is sold in the United States.

Mississippi’s request, it was before Vs. Rowe Wade Canceled that patients go to the doctor at the hospital and have multiple visits – contrary to the FDA’s decision that abortion pills Should not be issued in person And it can be taken at home – access to medicine is “not so impossible, but very, very, very difficult,” he said.

“Patients should have access to medications that are safe and effective for their FDA-approved use,” the FDA said Friday after the Supreme Court ruled. “In this area, like all other FDA regulations, the best science available will continue to be the agency’s decision.”

Statements by President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland have shown that access to abortion medicines will be a major focus of the administration’s efforts to eliminate access to abortion following a Supreme Court ruling that repealed the constitutional right of procedure and returned the issue to states.

Parsigian said he was not aware of the Justice Department’s legal strategy for access to abortion drugs, but noted that Garland’s statement was in line with GenBioPro’s argument in the U.S. District Court for the Mississippi North District.

“If [Garland had] “He mentioned our lawsuit by name, it corresponded exactly to what he said,” Parsigiani said. “We do what he says they want us to do.

Manufacturer of abortion pills plans multinational legal action to maintain access to drugs

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