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Manchester United prodigy stabbed in the throat during a brutal robbery

The young Dutchman Tahit Chong became the last top football player to become the target of brutal bandits

Manchester United’s Dutch youngster Tahit Chong has reportedly been stabbed in the throat by gunmen after he was the victim of a violent home invasion during a recent incident involving high-profile footballers in England.

Chong, who is currently on loan at Championship Birmingham City, is believed to have been at his home in the Greater Manchester Sale when a masked gang entered at around 3am. Sun:պահ Holding the knife to his throat, demanding that he hand over a number of valuables.

The player, who was asleep at the time of the robbery, handed over a number of items, including watches and jewelry, during an incident that took place more than two months ago, which was revealed this weekend.

It was reported that masked robbers mocked Chong for the lack of security at his home, and that the attack left the 22-year-old “extremely shocked”.

When police arrived at the scene, reports indicate that they told the player that he may have been targeted by thieves who were tracking his social media profiles for signs of wealth.

What is worrying is that the robbery was the fifth such case since December involving players from Manchester United or Manchester City, where local police are becoming increasingly concerned about a seemingly highly organized criminal campaign in the area.

Understandably, some of the top footballers living in and around Manchester have stepped up their security fears that they too could be targeted, especially given that thieves may say when the players will be home or not. Because of a Premier League football game. the list.

Manchester United World Cup-winning midfielder Paul Pogba said in early March that his house had been broken into while the children were asleep, and that he was on duty for his club during the Champions League match against Atletico.

“Last night our family’s worst nightmare came when our house was ransacked and robbed while our children were sleeping in their bedroom,” he wrote on social media.

“The robbers were in our house for less than five minutes, but during that time they took away something more valuable than everything we had in our house … our sense of security.

“It happened in the last minutes of last night, when they knew we would not be home. “My wife and I hurried home, not knowing if our children were safe.”

Pogba’s teammate Victor Lindelof was also the victim of a home invasion a few days after the Chong incident, while similar incidents took place at the homes of United’s Jesse Lingard and Manchester City’s Portuguese defender Joao Cancello.


Manchester United prodigy stabbed in the throat during a brutal robbery

SourceManchester United prodigy stabbed in the throat during a brutal robbery

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