Manchester overtakes West Ham and Pep Guardiola wins big

Pep Guardiola Welcomed a big victory after him Manchester city The side overcame heavy snow and the stubborn West Ham side.

33 minutes from the strike Ilkay Gundoan And slow Fernandinho effort The success of the 2-1 Premier League, which struggled with the Champions so Etihad Stadium on Sunday.

The first half of the game was held in heavy snow, making it difficult to see the line markings and the ball.

Mayor Guardiola said:

“We didn’t make much concessions. We defended the setpiece really well and made a counterattack we controlled.

“I could have created another speed or rhythm, but depending on the weather I couldn’t, and it was a good performance.”

If it didn’t snow during the break, the match may have been canceled, but the interval had to be extended to clear the pitch.

Guardiola said: “I think the groundsman who took care of the pitch was the man in the match. They did a great job and I was able to play the game today.”

A year ago, Citi launched an undefeated leaguer in 19 games, but all others won the title.

Guardiola disregarded the suggestion that his side seemed to be able to repeat such a sequence and claimed he hadn’t seen beyond Wednesday’s trip to Aston Villa.

He states: What we have done in the past is the past. The only gift is to celebrate today, rejuvenate and go to Birmingham on Wednesday to play Aston Villa.

“The rest are fantasies and you think wrong in your mind.”

West Ham’s manager, David Moyes, who managed the epic injury comfort from Manuel Lanzini, felt paid for the visitor’s missed opportunity.

Moise said: “The last real quality was different. Manchester is full of quality players.

“We did a lot of good things, but when we got the chance to make a good opening and finish, we didn’t accept it. We don’t come to Manchester and get a lot of players, but we I did my best to win some. “

Moise felt that the snow probably worked in the city’s favor.

He states: “I wanted it to help us and affect them more than we did, but when they scored the goal, the worst snow fell.

“If anything, I lost a bit of concentration and the visuals of the ball were difficult. It was a tough condition, but I enjoyed the game. We all wanted to play it.”

Manchester overtakes West Ham and Pep Guardiola wins big

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