Man turning over baby now one of Putin’s ‘puppet rulers’

Stremousov told the camera ‘her blood is flowing faster now’ (Image: YouTube)

A YouTuber who filmed himself swinging a baby around his legs has been appointed ‘puppet governor’ in Ukraine.

Kirill Stremousov is deputy head of the Kherson regional administration, where pro-Putin collaborators have called for annexation of the region.

“The city of Kherson is Russia,” he told reporters yesterday.

In 2017, Stremousov faced the opposite after being filmed when his four-year-old daughter was wrapped around his head by her legs.

Stremousov said he could hear his children ‘bones’ and said the bizarre practice ‘made them feel good’, reports The Sun.

He told the camera ‘her blood is running harder now’.

During the video, the blogger also explains that the toddler has never had vaccinations or medication.

The clip was uploaded to the Internet in 2017 and quickly went viral (Image: YouTube)
Stremousov claims that his daughter’s swinging made her blood faster (Image: YouTube)

He adds that wrapping them around his head was an example of ‘gymnastics from ancient times’.

When the conflict with Ukraine erupted, Stremousov took to his online blog to express his support for the Russian invasion.

He was rewarded for his support when Putin installed him as deputy head of the Kherson administration.

He called on the city to join Russia, but said that would not be the case in a referendum.

Critics suggest this is because Kherson’s administration is aware public support would not lead to a majority in its favor.

Many Kherson residents fled the city when war broke out for the first time in Ukraine (Photo: AFP)
Some survivors protested against the war, and tear gas was fired at them (Photo: Reuters)

Instead, Stremousov says Kherson Putin’s ‘leadership’ will immediately seek to annex the region.

He said: ‘The city of Kherson is Russia, there will be no Kherson People’s Republic on the territory of the Kherson region, there will be no referendum.

“This will be a single decree based on the appeal of the Kherson region’s leadership to the President of the Russian Federation, and this will include the region within the Russian Federation.”

Wanted posters for Stremousov, accused of treason, have apparently appeared all over Ukraine, with a £ 13,500 reward.

The Kherson military administration has called for annexation (Image: REX / Shutterstock)
But Ukraine has promised to retake Russia-controlled region (Photo: Getty Images)

Kherson was the first major city taken by Russia after the February 24 invasion.

About 40% of the city’s population has fled since the takeover, according to Ukrainian officials.

If Putin annexes Kherson, it will be a move similar to 2014, on the nearby Crimean peninsula.

It broke away from Ukraine after a disputed referendum in 2014, a movement that was declared illegal and rejected by most of the international community.

A Black Seaport of roughly 300,000, Kherson gives Crimea access to fresh water and is seen as a gateway to broader Russian control over southern Ukraine.

Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said this week: ‘The invaders could ask to join even Mars or Jupiter.

“The Ukrainian army will release Kherson, whatever games with words they play.”

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Man turning over baby now one of Putin's 'puppet rulers'

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