Maintel paves the way for a sustainable future by appointing one of the UK’s first ESG director roles-

Maintel, a cloud and managed services company, today announced that it has appointed Joanne Ballard as Director of ESG Strategy and Compliance for Maintel Group.

Maintel is one of the first companies of its size to appoint environmental, social, governance (ESG) strategy and compliance directors.

Joanne Ballard’s role spans a wide range of areas, including environment, health and safety, CSR, information security, internal governance, and business continuity. This is a whole new role within Maintel’s executive team, and the company is one of the first large companies to establish such a position.

Joanne has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and has extensive experience leading customer-centric teams. She has skills in customer experience, service delivery, implementation of Net Promoter Scoring, improvement of CSAT, and implementation of internal governance structures. As a member of the Maintel team since 2008, Ballard has deep knowledge of Maintel and broader ESG and internal governance functions, making it an ideal lead in driving sustainability initiatives across the business. increase.

Appointment matches news committed by Maintel Science-based target initiative With TalkTalk, BT, Telenet Technology Services, Vodafone Group and more

In addition to ESG strategies, Joan and her extensive team have managed over 120 non-financial regulations, maintained a set of designated and ISO certifications, Maintel’s policies, procedures, and required employee training. Responsible for the compliance program of. ..

This new role is part of a wide range of ESG strategies, including Maintel, which was recently accepted as part of Maintel’s ambitions for climate change and the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), which marks the path to the future of net-zero carbon. Maintel has joined TalkTalk, BT, Telenet Technology Services, Vodafone Group and others to articulate their commitment to improve themselves and increase the impact of the community on the environment.

For the past nine years, Maintel has maintained international standards in everything from security to sustainability. These recent developments are part of an ongoing effort to contribute to the long-term future.

Maintel CEO Ioan MacRae said:

“”Environment, society and governance (ESG) are important strategic initiatives of Maintel and are now at the heart of our work. We work with our employees, partners, customers, and a wider stakeholder community to build a positive and more sustainable future. We want to be seen as paving the way for our customers as well as within our own industry. There is a growing demand from the people we work with to be more sustainable and socially responsible, and we are directly presenting them with best practices and processes. Appointing Joanne Ballard as ESG Strategy and Compliance Director is just one of the recent investments in sustainability. Check this space for more details. “

Joan Ballard, newly appointed Maintel’s Director of ESG Strategy and Compliance said::

“Maintel is an exciting time to return to the office as COVID restrictions are relaxed and cloud and managed service offerings continue to develop. He has been appointed to this new and important role in leading Maintel’s ESG strategy. We are very pleased that Maintel is working on the Science Based Target initiative, tracking the positive impact of ESG activities on the UN’s global sustainable development goals, and creating an employee and community support initiative. We look forward to promoting a variety of ESG strategies, including things and measuring their progress. It will bring positive change to all stakeholders. “

About Maintel

Maintel is a cloud and managed services company with a focus on communications. Its employees are experienced and trusted technology advisors who improve the client’s organization through digital transformation.

Founded in 1991, Maintel has a proven track record of providing communications solutions and services to both the private and public sectors. In the meantime, the company gains expertise in solving challenges related to digital initiatives, and its managed services approach allows clients to realize the full value of technology.

This is achieved by focusing on the three main pillars of digital transformation. Make your organization more effective, efficient, and collaborate with digital workplace solutions. It enables organizations to acquire, develop, and retain more businesses by using technology to create a more meaningful customer experience through superior service. Ensure your organization’s employees, customers, and partners always have seamless access to data and applications through reliable and secure connections.

The continued growth of Maintel’s cloud and managed services will allow the company to continue to support the growing demands of the market.

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Maintel paves the way for a sustainable future by appointing one of the UK’s first ESG director roles-

Source link Maintel paves the way for a sustainable future by appointing one of the UK’s first ESG director roles-

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