Mahershala Ali of Swan Song: Oscar’s Double Winner Who Played a Clone of a Dying Man in the Latest Movie | Ent & Arts News

Mahershala Ali not only plays the leading role in the latest movie, but also a clone of the character, two years after winning the second Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Set in the eerie near future, the Swan Rhyme is Cameron’s story of having to tell his family or quietly replace it with a clone after being diagnosed at the end of life.

Ants -Who won the Academy Award? Green book And Moonlight, and also appeared in the hit series True Detective-playing both Cameron and his clone named Jack, saying that living in both roles was sacrificed.

Mahershala Ali will star with Naomi Harris in a swan song. All Photos: Apple TV +

Glenn Close of Swan Song. Photo: Apple TV +

“I think I’m acting in general, but it’s a bit far from you, it really is,” the star told Sky News. “I remembered True Detective a bit. When I did True Detective, I was playing three different eras, so at one moment I was 35, and a few hours later I was 80, 75, or whatever. Falcon.

“Being in that spin cycle is, so to speak, a little dazzling.”

Ali acknowledges writer and director Ben Cleary for making his work easier to manage. The Irish filmmaker received the attention of the industry in 2016 when he won his Oscar for the live-action short film “I Speak Well”.

“Ben did a great job. Even when I was playing Cameron, I quickly changed clothes, quickly changed my costume, changed my makeup, and jumped on Jack’s shoes,” Ali said.

“Characters are so clearly drafted where they want different things, so I’m always really about who I’m playing and what I need to do in the scene to achieve it. I felt safe and clear. This is a great proof that Ben made it. Everything is manageable and feasible. “

You can’t see a swan song starring Naomie Harris, Awkwafina, and Glenn Close without thinking about how it would react in the same situation.

Ali says the idea of ​​stimulating the conversation and debate of the audience is very satisfying.

“If people achieve that while watching a movie, I think it’s a big problem because we now live in a world full of fun opportunities,” he said. Told.

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“So if you can catch people for a moment, get their attention, think about, ask questions, and talk about what they have experienced with you, that’s the real goal, and this. I think it’s really difficult, because there are so many great things right now. “

Swan rhymes look at what it is to be genuine and question who we are.

Ali says that the idea of ​​human cloning isn’t “especially comfortable” for him, but he appreciates the underlying message about realizing our potential.

“Jack is not the same illness as Cameron, but he teeth Cameron, and you start seeing Jack make a decision in some way and take advantage of the moment in a way that Cameron didn’t necessarily use.

“We all think about who is in our potential, so to speak, our best self, start working towards it, and stock unfilled, unchanging places in our lives. You have the ability to do it. You need to act on it.

“The death penalty isn’t always necessary.’Oh, I’m going to start living to the fullest’, I think part of the message in this story is to do it now.”

Swan song is now available on Apple TV +

Mahershala Ali of Swan Song: Oscar’s Double Winner Who Played a Clone of a Dying Man in the Latest Movie | Ent & Arts News

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