Madonna, 63, shocks fans by claiming she “looks 16” in a new photo

Madonna shocked fans by posting a series of youth photos, some believing the pop star “looks 16”.

The 63-year-old singer is known for posting provocative images on her social media pages, but surprised some with her latest post, in which seemingly edited images make the star look decades younger than she really is.

In one, Madonna squeezes a glass of white wine as she looks straight down into the lens.

In another, the star is seen sitting on a bed and smoking a cigarette while holding a cable phone in his hand.

Signing the images, Madonna wrote: “Try to make a film … It’s really hard! There would be no other way!”

Madonna looked incredibly young as she held a glass of wine in a new photo

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However, some fans insisted that Madonna should stop using filters on her photos.

They said, “You’re an icon – you don’t need to over-retouch Photoshop with love.”

“How is that possible,” another wrote in a series of surprised emojis, while another added, “She looks 16!”

In a long post, another man wrote: “I miss seeing Madonna. I just watched her video from years ago. It was cool. In these photos he is no longer a real person.

“It’s good to use some Photoshop. But this is no longer a real person, but a digitally enhanced photoshopped animated creature.

Madonna was seen smoking in one of the photos while clutching the phone

Not for the first time, the glamorous photos of the star divide the fans.

Earlier this month, the star posted a photo this led some fans to compare her to Kardashian.

Captioning a photo of herself topless and wearing a collection of silver jewelry, the star wrote: “Breathing.” # gang-gang and yes, Sasha is always reliable! “

In response, one man wrote, “Oh, now even Madonna looks like Kardashian,” and another suggested, “This is a filter.”

A third commenter wrote: “It’s clear that some ‘work’ has been done, but not breathing work, haha.”

Another man said, “She is unrecognizable.” While another user said, “She’s getting old back.”

A commentator claims that Madonna “looked 16” in her latest photos

Last month, rapper Nelly told Madonna to “cover up” after she published a stunning photo shoot of her 17.5 million followers.

Madonna treated her fans to some bright photos, depicting her ass in several of the photos posted on her Instagram.

In the photos, Madonna wore fishnet tights and underwear under a long coat with the words “God save the queen” and flashed her underwear in several of the shots as she leaned over a silver car in the photos.

The star signed the images with: “Car problems”. And rapper Ja Rule commented: “How can you not love Madonna, haha…”. Another fan just added: “EXTENDING”.

Madonna shared topless selfies with her fans on Instagram

Despite hundreds of comments complimenting the star during the filming, the rapper of Hot In Here Nelly offered his own thoughts on the photos, which were not so complimentary.

“Some things just have to be kept hidden,” joked the singer, whose real name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., under the hot footage of Madonna.

Last year, a similar photo was taken from Instagram for allegedly violating their nudity rulesbefore the star republished the photos, branding the solution as an example of “sexism, age and misogyny”.

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Madonna, 63, shocks fans by claiming she "looks 16" in a new photo

Source link Madonna, 63, shocks fans by claiming she "looks 16" in a new photo

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