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Madeleine McCann. Fifteen years later, the case “should never be parked or forgotten” by the police Great Britain |: news

Charlie Hedges, an expert at Amber Alert, a former head of the Child Crime’s Online Protection Department at the National Crime Agency, said he had used the guideline during the violence that cases such as missing persons should be reviewed on a rotating basis. He praised the work of the Metro in investigating the disappearance of Medi, but acknowledged that “nothing can last forever.”

It comes at a time when Portuguese authorities have branded Christian B., a convicted rapist and child sexual assailant, an “argument” or “suspect” in their investigation.

The German citizen was identified as the main suspect in Madeleine’s disappearance by investigators in Braunschweig in June 2020.

Police suspect he may be responsible for Medi’s murder. Christian B has always denied all allegations of Madeleine McCain’s disappearance.

The latest step is related to Portugal’s statute of limitations, which typically prevents crimes punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

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As the anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance approaches, Portuguese investigators are expected to rule out the possibility of an indictment if they find enough evidence.

The Mirror’s sister newspaper reported last week that Christian B. had been questioned by German investigators on behalf of the Portuguese authorities about Madeleine McCain after receiving new legal status.

The fresh focus on Christian B comes after allegations that the Metropolitan Police will close the Grange operation dedicated to the case in 11 years.

A source told the Sun last month that the officers had failed to provide enough evidence to charge Christian B.

The operation, which is estimated to have cost the Interior Ministry 13 13 million, could be reopened if new information emerges.

The decision to close it could have repercussions for Katie’s Gary, Madeleine’s parents. While German officers investigating the disappearance believe Madeleine is dead, the Metropolitan Police have always treated Operation Grunge as a case of missing persons.

Commenting on the allegations, Mr. Hedges said: “Well, I do not think anything can last forever. If you are sincere and say that you have done absolutely everything you can, then you can not keep the case open for infinity.

“However, the guideline I wrote years ago մնում still remains in the professional practice of the police, is that the case must be constantly reviewed, or in time, to make sure that it is put in the diary in order to be done. on a regular basis or if there is evidence, you should look into it.

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“It should never be [is] because it is parked և forgotten. It should always be on a rotating basis in connection with the review. “

Madeleine disappeared when she was three years old, while her family was vacationing in the Algarve in 2007.

He and his siblings slept on the couple’s first floor on May 3 of that year. Her parents searched the children all evening until Kate discovered that Madeleine was missing around 10 p.m.

Although not under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police, in 2011 the Ministry of the Interior provided a special fund to assist the Portuguese investigation.

Mr. Hedges added: “If you look at it in its purest sense, it disappeared in Portugal. This is where everything lives. And this is where the property is.

“In the UK we have a very good attitude towards the case of UK citizens in situations like this. It’s commendable. It’s a wonderful thing. But if you look at it as a purist, what is the role of the British police? They are not there to lead the investigation.

“Obviously they want to support British families. Let’s not get me wrong, I think it’s really possible for us to do this for families, but the Portuguese police have the ultimate responsibility.”

Mr. Hedges noted that the “investigative team” may be closed, the case is not closed under his leadership, instead it is “constantly reviewed and monitored.”

Madeleine McCann. Fifteen years later, the case “should never be parked or forgotten” by the police Great Britain |: news

Source Madeleine McCann. Fifteen years later, the case “should never be parked or forgotten” by the police Great Britain |: news

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