Made in Chelsea’s Sophie Haboo’s sister Georgia announces engagement

Made in Chelsea Star Sophie Huboo After her boyfriend Tom Berry asked a question, she revealed that her sister Georgia was also engaged.

Reality Star, 28, Engaged with Jamie Laing earlier this month after sharing the news on InstagramAppeared over the moon, after her sister Georgia announced that her longtime boyfriend Tom had kneeled down.

Sophie, now with Jamie, 33, in South Africa, shared a screenshot of FaceTime with her sister posing with her fiancé Tom. She grabbed a fizz flute and glimpsed a dazzling diamond ring.

E4 Star, who saw the rugged appearance in the video Hangouts, wrote:

Sophie re-shared a snap posted on her Instagram feed when she saw Georgia flaunting her gorgeous engagement ring, captioning “I’m married to my best friend.” I attached it.

Made in Chelsea star Sophie Habu reveals that her sister Georgia is also engaged

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Meanwhile, her fiancé Tom shared a fascinating snap of Georgia lifting her engagement ring.

It was after Sophie and Jamie, who appeared in the hit E4 program, first started dating in 2019 and got engaged on Friday, December 17th.

Tom shared a fascinating snap of Georgia lifting an engagement ring

In a sweet video that counts down from 5 to 1, Jamie reveals that his wife, Sophie, is dressed in a white hat and writes “Mrs Laing-to-be.”

Sophie put her hands on her face, showing off her hat, playing a heartfelt song in the background.

Jamie wrote the ring emoji and the love heart emoji as a caption, “I couldn’t think of anything better than spending the rest of my life with @habboosophie.”

Georgia and her fiancé Tom

Georgia and Sophie are very close

But after a romantic night just a few days later, things quickly turned into the worst for the couple. Sophie was rushed to the hospital..

In a snap shared by Jamie on Instagram, Sophie could be seen connected to what looks like gas and air and infused.

The excited star was surrounded by roses with another snap
Sophie was surrounded by roses to celebrate her engagement

Later I will elaborate on the horrific trials and Jamie said Private Parts Podcast: “Champagne this weekend, everything was wild. We had a bottle of champagne and Sophie ordered oysters. We got a little drunk that night and got up in the morning to start this podcast. increase.

“When I woke up at 5 in the morning, Sophie was vomiting into the bathroom and I thought she was probably food poisoning.”

Sophie Habu fell ill a few days after her engagement with Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing.
Sophie was taken to the hospital a few days after her engagement with Jamie

“We drank a lot, but it wasn’t forcible. Then she went back to bed with me, she fell asleep, we woke up around 7:15 am, and Sophie began to vomit my shoulders. rice field.”

“I will clean her up and take her to the bathroom. We go downstairs and her lips look a little blue.”

He continued: “I took her to the hospital, the hospital was full of people, and I sat her down, and her fingers and lips became more and more blue. I just had to wait, but she was blue.

“She was weeping on her face mask. I have never had such a fear in my life. We checked her oxygen level, and it was really low. “

Made in Chelsea's Sophie Haboo's sister Georgia announces engagement

Source link Made in Chelsea's Sophie Haboo's sister Georgia announces engagement

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