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Macron’s Humiliation U-Turn: Johnson and Biden’s Vaccine Pledge Sees French President’s “Flip” | UK | News

Emmanuel Macron: Experts Discuss “Very Low” Approval Rate

The· Prime Minister Promised to donate at least 100 million surplus vaccine Based on his request to other nations over the next year to “take a major step to defeat this pandemic forever” and to ask world leaders to help protect the planet. I built it. It was the day after the US President promised to donate 500 million doses to poorer countries. Other countries are expected to follow suit at the G7 summit this weekend, but Macron seems to be trying to beat it on his own agenda after expressing his support for waiving the vaccine patent. It looked like.

“France has been striving to make the pandemic solution a public good in the world since day one,” he wrote on Twitter this week.

“Dose sharing, intellectual property release, funding for the healthcare system. It’s up to the G7 to get involved,” he added.

French officials have confirmed to Politico that “opening up intellectual property” means supporting the waiver of vaccines that allow more jabs to be produced in low-income countries.

Of the G7 countries, Germany and the United Kingdom oppose the exemption, but Japan and Canada take a more ambiguous position.

Emmanuel Macron made a humiliating U-turn (Image: Getty)

Joe Biden and Boris Johnson met yesterday

Joe Biden and Boris Johnson met yesterday (Image: Getty)

The United States has stated that it supports a vaccine-only exemption, and Italian authorities support this stance.

“French President Emmanuel Macron has turned the issue over and is now in favor of the exemption,” said Alan Murray, CEO of Fortune.

His reference is believed to be in Macron’s previous position.

Arriving at the EU summit in Porto in May, he expressed reservations about the White House’s proposal to waive patents and criticized the lack of exports from “Anglo-Saxon” countries.

He asked: “What is the current problem?

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Macron had previously opposed the waiver

Macron had previously opposed the waiver (Image: Getty)

“It’s not really about intellectual property. Can we give intellectual property to laboratories that don’t know how to produce and will not produce tomorrow? The main issue of solidarity is the distribution of doses.

“Today, Anglo-Saxons block many of these ingredients and vaccines.

“Today, 100% of the vaccines produced in the United States are for the US market.”

He urged the United States and the United Kingdom to instead begin exporting doses worldwide without a clear plan on how to distribute them.

Johnson had already promised millions of doses to other countries through the COVAX Alliance.

Foreign Minister James Cleverly skillfully defeats Macron’s choice to use the vaccine as “diplomatic leverage” and hands the dose to COVAX to decide how best to distribute the vaccine. He said it was much better.

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Millions of vaccines donated to poorer countries

Millions of vaccines donated to poorer countries (Image: Getty)

Cleverly told LBC Radio: “Ultimately, our top priority is, of course, the protection of the people of the UK. We are focusing on this, doing this very effectively and deploying vaccines very much. We are doing it quickly. “

Of the 100 million doses promised by the UK today, 80% will be sent to COVAX and the rest will be shared bilaterally with the countries in need.

And Macron seems to have turned it over again at a press conference on Thursday, calling on the EU to rival the US effort to donate the COVID-19 vaccine to developing countries.

“I think the EU needs to have at least the same level of ambition as the United States,” he said.

France donated 100,000 doses of vaccine to Mauritania in April.

Macron said he would donate 500,000 by mid-June and 30 million by 2022.

EU opposes waiver

EU opposes waiver (Image: Getty)

But the call came after the EU consistently opposed the move to waive patents, arguing that intellectual property was not a barrier to access to vaccines.

“Intellectual property issues are likely to be raised,” European Council Chair Charles Michel said yesterday at the summit.

“Patent waiver may sound good, but it’s not a silver bullet.

“The TRIPS Agreement already provides flexibility and we would like to focus on specific proposals such as voluntary licensing and knowledge transfer, and promotion of patent pools on mutually agreed terms.”

The Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS) Agreement establishes multilateral and international standards for the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

European Council Chair Charles Michel

European Council Chair Charles Michel (Image: Getty)

Some feel that Macron has his own agenda.

Government defense adviser Nicholas Drummond accused him of “deciding to bring the greatest inconvenience to Britain” after Brexit.

He added: “Adopting such an idea has set back the relationship between Britain and France for 30 years.

“Macron may be doing this to earn points domestically, but given the unresponsiveness of France’s COVID-19, improved pandemic management is better for domestic approval. It may be a tactic. ”

Macron’s Humiliation U-Turn: Johnson and Biden’s Vaccine Pledge Sees French President’s “Flip” | UK | News

SourceMacron’s Humiliation U-Turn: Johnson and Biden’s Vaccine Pledge Sees French President’s “Flip” | UK | News

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