Lyran gives fans a glimpse of his new smile after removing the famous veneer

Lyran Clark After changing his iconic veneer, he gave his fans a glimpse of his new smile.

The TV presenter recently revealed that he would have a new veneer, even though his regular veneer is very famous.

The star posted a video on Instagram showing off his new teeth, but his followers didn’t look good because he covered it with a filter.

But this didn’t mean he stopped smiling because he told the viewer that he was “still swollen.”

He also Posted on his Instagram the day before saying he was swollen After conversion.

When Lylan revealed that he was going to change his teeth, he posted an interesting tweet, teasing his previous smile.

Lyran gave fans a glimpse of his new teeth

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He tweeted: “8 years later. It hurts so much, but sometimes I have to let go.

“I made the decision to say goodbye … a new smile is imminent on my teeth.”

Lylan first brushed his teeth following a stint at The X Factor when he landed a presentation gig on Big Brother: Bit on the Side.

He said Notebook magazine Back in 2017: “I got my veneer [teeth] It ended the day before I started hosting Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, my first presentation job.

Lyran said his mouth was still swollen

“My mouth was swollen with anesthetic, pure white and brand new. It was the first night everyone saw them, and all people took p ** out of my teeth.

“So no one noticed that I was a presenter, and by the time they stopped talking about my teeth a few months later, I got better at work.”

The star revealed that he was removing his iconic teeth

Lyran recently revealed that he will be divorced from her husband Dan Neil for 6 years.

He stopped announcing the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year and was five months off from the announcement of the Radio 2 show.

Lylan issued a statement when he announced the split. “Following the report that Dan and I are spending time apart, I feel I have to speak up because the way I report is unfair.

Lylan filtered the video so that fans couldn’t clearly see his new smile.

“I made many mistakes, which I deeply regret and inevitably led to the collapse of our marriage.

“I’m not in a good place so far and I’m asking for help, so I’m taking time out of work.

“I try to take it once a day, and I would like to thank everyone who respected and supported our privacy during this time.”

Lyran gives fans a glimpse of his new smile after removing the famous veneer

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