Lyran Clark’s divorced husband Dan Neill launches dating show after a bitter marriage split

Most of us deal with farewells by dressing in romantic comedies and ridiculing ice cream.

However Lyran Clark Divorced husband Dan Neal made a date show.


Lyran Clark’s divorced husband Dan Neill has started a dating show after a bitter marriage splitCredit: Rex

The producer, who broke up with Lyran in June after five years of marriage, is behind a new program called Dates With Mates.

And, despite caring for a broken heart, Dan says, “I can’t wait to play Cupid.”

It was created by BBC Studios for UKTV’s W channel, where four single friends sit down for dinner and each course is offered a new male or female date.

One source said: But I don’t know why Dan chose to do it on a date show.

“But that’s a fun concept. At the end of the dinner, the date goes back to ask only one of the four.

“As you can imagine, this last scene always causes a load of drama.”

Dan met Lylan after appearing in the Big Brother 14th series, being kicked out by him with a spin-off Big Mouse and interviewed.

A former police officer asked a question during his trip to Paris a year later and got married in 2015.

Last Sunday, Sunday, this morning’s presenter, Lyran, said their division called him “Dangerously thinIt should take 4 months from the spotlight.

However, after gaining weight and exercising, he became happy and healthy again.

The theme of Dan’s show may seem strange, but date shows such as Channel 4’s first date are big businesses.

Sources added: “After all, it’s about the personality of the cast, so there’s always room for the other. The final twist of Dates With Mates really helps to bring them out.”

Launching the show, what might be a cheeky bargain under him, Dan said: “The dates may come and go while my friends are there for a long time, but that’s me. We will not stop looking for love again .. .. And again.

“At this show, we can’t wait to date friends on our side and help play Cupid.”

Sporty curl power

MEL C was loyal to the sporty spice Monica and gave a glimpse of the workout regime.

Spice Girls singerThe Voice Kids coach, has tinkered with TikTok fitness star Denis Samsonov in a video.


Spice Girl Mel C is currently the coach of The Voice Kids.Credit: ITV


Mel C was faithful to her sporty nickname in a video with TikTok fitness star Denis Samsonov.


Mel gave fans insight into her training regime

While she and Dennis were adjusting each other’s pace, Mel barely appeared to be torn in the swimsuit and high heels there.

She curled her biceps with weights while he was backflip and carried the singer to his shoulders while crouching.

You had better go to the gym.


Mel curled his biceps with a weight while he was backflip, and put the singer on his shoulder while crouching.

Craig is finally the catalyst

It ’s a very happy new year. Craig Revel Horwood After he finally whiplashed his fab-u-lous mansion for £ 2.6 million.

But strictly speaking, the judge had to knock out £ 550,000 from the Hampshire home’s asking price after putting the Hampshire home on the market almost a year ago.


Craig Revel Horwood finally whiplashed his mansion for £ 2.6 million

We’ve refurbished the place with a vintage chandelier, a mirrored kitchen floor, and a “liquor room” with wine fridge walls, but we’ve made a lot of money since we bought it for £ 1.8 million in 2014. ..

Middlecott manners were snapped while Craig was on our screen in this year’s series, but he also caught Covid, so he wouldn’t have come at a tricky time.

He wants to increase his size and move north to get closer to his fiancé Jonathan Myring’s family.


SOAP stars Amy Walsh and Toby Alexander Smith welcomed their first child together.

Emmerdale actresses and EastEnders actors revealed what they were expecting in September and confirmed Tot’s arrival.

“I hope you all have a good year. Happy New Year from all three of us.”

Premonition of court friends

It’s hard to imagine Courteney Cox playing the role of Monica Geller in Friends.

When actress Immediately after filming the pilot episode in 1994, she went out to buy a Porsche, so she tends to agree.


Courteney Cox went out to buy a Porsche shortly after shooting a Friends pilotCredit: PA: Press Association

Kristin Davis of Sex and the City, who was practicing yoga with Courtney at the time, said: Would you like to come shopping for a car with me? “

“And we were like,” Wow, car shopping! ” And she said, “I did this pilot, I feel really good about it. I think I’m going to buy a Porsche.”

“We were like,’Wow, is she true?'” “It was Friends-and it worked very well.”

She was also auditioning to play Monica, so it was probably difficult for Christine to hear at that time.

But so where are we with her Charlotte York?


One of the hopers of ITV2’s dating show The Cabins talks about stuttering in the first article of tonight’s new series.

Corey said: “I developed a small stuttering.

It can be difficult to speak, especially when talking to new people.

Girls always feel like “cute, like”.

Kid is back in Britbox

Nostalgia fans are about to get back in time thanks to BritBox.

It shows a series of children’s shows that many older viewers haven’t watched for a long time. They will forget that they have ever existed.


The highly beloved 70’s animation Ivor The Engine will be coming to BritBox on Thursday

Starting Thursday, the popular 70’s animation, Ivor The Engine, will be on the streaming service, featuring classic 70’s and 80’s Rentaghost and 90’s sci-fi favorite Whizziwig episodes.

Undoubtedly, a bunch of millennial snowflakes finds something wrong with all of them and claims that BritBox attaches a warning. Or try to remove them permanently.

Sneaky Pete is a blindfold

Tommy Shelby of the Peaky Blinders prepares for his final fierce battle with an explosive trailer of the new series.

The leader of the Birmingham gang, played by Cillian Murphy, feels depressed while preparing for a confrontation with enemy fascist Oswald Mosley.


Peaky Blinders’ Tommy Shelby prepares for his final fierce battle with an explosive trailer of the new seriesCredits: Free for editing

The infamous politician (Sam Claflin) can be seen brewing behind the podium in the hall, adorned with the Nazi flag.

Elsewhere, Tommy’s brother Arthur is lying on the couch with his name engraved on his chest.

Alfie Solomons, the leader of the Jewish gang played by Tom Hardy, also appears, and newcomer Stephen Graham meets Tommy’s fist in another violent scene.
I can’t wait.

Lyran Clark jams with Jeri Horner in a luxurious country house, revealing a surprising friendship

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Lyran Clark’s divorced husband Dan Neill launches dating show after a bitter marriage split

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