Lyran Clark saw a video requesting “Gimmy Gear” when he was out at night.

Lyran Clark It was shot in a video shot on the go at night, requesting “Gear to Gear”.

The 33-year-old TV star was filmed on video before he realized he was filming. Then he tells them: “Remove it now, or I’ll kill you.”

In the video mirror, Lilan can be seen walking down the road in a black shirt.

Then he says: “Give me the f ** king gear, we’re going …” Lyran notices that he was filmed before he said: “No, remove it now please!”

Lyran Clark was captured in a video requesting “give me gear”

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The TV star adds, “If you don’t remove it now, you’ll kill you! No, I’ll kill you.” He keeps walking and is shaking his head.

The person taking the video says, “I’m going to give you some gear. Come on, I’m with you!” Because his face is blurry.

understood! I contacted the representative of Lyran for comments that I haven’t responded to yet.

The X Factor star Lylan has tweeted since the clip was released.

You can see Lyran instructing the person shooting the clip to delete the video after discovering that he was being shot.
Lyran broke up with her husband Dan Neill last year

He writes: “Morning. Late news day. Good Sunday.”

It was after revealing that Lylan was hospitalized after “lost himself” following a split from her husband Dan Neill.

The marriage between Lylan and Dan collapsed five years later last year.

Big Brother Star Lylan was incredibly candid about his feelings after the split, while he took a long break from work.

Lyran Clark has been openly engaged in personal struggles since the end of his marriage.

He recently said, “I didn’t think I was here. I didn’t think I could continue.”

And when the observer asked if he was going to continue working or staying alive, he said, “Both. I didn’t think I would actually come back. I’m so … gone.”

He added: Fame was important.

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“I didn’t know myself at some point. I was looking for better words and taking actions and thoughts that made me … crazy.

“I didn’t know why I was doing that, so I left for a while.”

When asked if he went to the hospital, Lylan said, “Yes, for safety reasons.

“It’s really weird to talk about this, because I didn’t even tell my friends about it. I didn’t expect it to get sick.”

Lylan and Dan met in 2013, Dan competed in the Big Brother, and Lylan hosted the reality show spin-off Big Brother Bit on the Side.

The couple then got engaged in 2014 and got married in 2015.

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Lyran Clark saw a video requesting "Gimmy Gear" when he was out at night.

Source link Lyran Clark saw a video requesting "Gimmy Gear" when he was out at night.

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