Lyran Clark returns a “slow step” to dating following the split from her husband Dan

Lyran Clark According to sources, following the split from her husband Dan Neal, they are taking a “slow step” into the dating game.

The 33-year-old announced a split from the 42-year-old Dan in September, a few months away from the spotlight. Since then, he has been hospitalized after the split, revealing that it has shrunk to just nine stones.

But the sources are understood! How the former X Factor Star is beginning to return to dating following a tragic separation.

Source says: “He’s taking a very slow step [back into dating] But he definitely still wants that happy ending.

Lyran Clark is regaining a “slow step” in dating following his split

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“He’s got some attention and he looks better than ever,” sources continued, citing Lyran’s incredible physical changes.

After following the Six Pack Revolution program, the star went to Instagram to show off his new body.

He writes:

Lyran broke up with her husband Dan Neill last year

Lylan was banished from The Tinder in October after suspecting he was a “catfish.”

In October, the host of Strictly: It Takes Two revealed that he was banished from Tinder because he was looking for love after thinking the app was a “catfish.”

He posted a screenshot of the closed account, “Your account has been banned.

“Your The Tinder profile is prohibited due to activities that violate our Terms of Service.”

Lyran recently opened after being hospitalized following a shock split

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His background in the app is “Tall Normal Broke-6’4”-I’m actually working on this? “

Lylan recently opened a hellish time after the split and told observers, “I didn’t think I was here. I didn’t think I could continue.”

When asked if he intends to continue working or alive, he said, “Both. I didn’t think I would actually come back. I’m so … gone.”

He added: Fame was important.

“I didn’t know myself at some point. I was looking for better words and taking actions and thoughts that made me … crazy.

“I didn’t know why I was doing that, so I left for a while.”

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Lyran Clark returns a "slow step" to dating following the split from her husband Dan

Source link Lyran Clark returns a "slow step" to dating following the split from her husband Dan

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