Lyran Clark became “dangerously thin” and suffered mentally after the marriage split.

TV favorites Lyran Clark After breaking up with her six-year-old husband, Dan Neill, he became open to mental health issues.

Lylan and Dan tied the knot in November 2015, but announced in June 2021 that they were on different paths.

In the wake of their division, 33-year-old Lyran revealed that he had lost weight to 9th place and 13th place. What he says is “not good” for a 6’4 person.

He also branded the past few months as “s ** t” and explained how sick he was.

Lyran I took a break from work for 4 months 42 years old who said 33 years old “needed” after his division from Dan.

Lylan and Dannir got married in November 2015, but split in June 2021.

Since falling below 10 stones, Lylan has reviewed his diet and fell in love with Jim before returning 4 stones to muscle mass.

He said Sun: “I got sick and lost weight. I’m less than 10 stones. And I’m 6 feet 4 inches, so that’s not good.

“Honestly, it was shit.

“I wasn’t dealing with what happened, and now I’m doing it. It was a sick and very difficult time.”

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33 years old rested 4 months after the collapse of his marriage

Lylan went on to explain that he spent a lot of time with his mother Linda after leaving Dan.

Linda was diagnosed with skin cancer Earlier this year, the host of It Takes Two claimed she was “absolutely fine.”

After parting, Lylan discussed how his mother was a “lifesaver,” saying:

“I don’t just disappear for four months. It doesn’t just happen.

“Mom is a lifesaver for me, and one of my biggest regrets this year was that she got sick.

“I had to go back to me.”

Lyran continues to train with fitness guru Scott Harrison
Lylan continues to train with fitness guru Scott Harrison

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Lylan goes to the TV moderator’s home gym to return to himself and trains with Scott Harrison, who has planned a meal for him.

When his mental health began to improve, Lylan explained that he wanted to be “more confident” in his body and spewed out how “amazing” Scott was.

“Getting in shape and taking care of my body saved me. Fitness has given me a goal,” he added.

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Lyran Clark rated fitness as helping him with mental health problems

Lylan continued last year, “I lost (myself) properly,” but the four-month leave seemed to benefit the 33-year-old.

He told Lorraine Kelly in November:

“I took a four-month vacation and needed it. It’s been ten years now and I’m almost doing this job. It’s crazy. So vacation is exactly what I needed. maybe.”

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Lyran Clark became "dangerously thin" and suffered mentally after the marriage split.

Source link Lyran Clark became "dangerously thin" and suffered mentally after the marriage split.

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