Lylan is running on behalf of Amon Holmes this morning, saying “the viewer loves him.”

Lyran Clark It is said to be running to replace Amon Homes on this morning, According to ITV sources.

Source tells exclusively all right! ITV viewers “love” the 33-year-old presenter.

They say: “In the dream world, I also hope that Lylan will come back.

“He was a huge hit with viewers and had a great relationship with Rochelle Hume’s when he unveiled the show together in 2019.”

Sources added: “Lylan left the TM family in 2019 and it was a big blow. They will love him again.”

Over the weekend, it was reported that Eamonn had left This Morning 15 years later to join the news channel GB News.

Lylan Clark is believed to be lining up on behalf of Eamonn Holmes this morning after being reportedly leaving the GB News ITV show.

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According to the report from mirrorAccording to one source, Emon will be “missing” this morning, but that’s the “right time.”

“Eamon’s move to GB News marks the end of the era,” Insider told the publication.

“He will be overlooked by many ITV viewers, but the truth is that this job probably came at the right time for both him and ITV.”

Amon Homes has been on the channel for over 10 years
Amon Holmes reportedly departs this morning for a show on GB News 15 years later

It comes after he and his wife Ruth Langsford have been replaced by Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond in their regular Friday presentation slot on the show.

However, during school holidays, the main presenter Holly Willowby and Phillips Scofield pair will continue to fill out.

Earlier this year, Rylan, who announced Strictly: It Takes Two, talked about the real reason he quit the show two years ago.

Lyran Clark is a close companion to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

He admitted that his work was too comfortable and said, “I haven’t been there for about two years this morning. I had a great time there, worked live and learned a lot when it came to hosting shows. Target. “

He continued: “I took a step back, and I think it was the right decision for me to get out of that bubble that I really didn’t push myself.”

Lylan regularly appeared in the program to present the celebrity gossip segment and fill it out for regular presenters.

Lylan was giving a presentation this morning before leaving for 2019

Former X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother stars are a perfect replacement for Emon, a close friend of his 61-year-old wife.

Lylan recently exclusively said that Ruth was one of his favorite people and that going out at night with her was like “therapy.”

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He states: Ruth Langsford.. She is definitely the one to go. We just sit there, talk and drive people away. It’s a bit like therapy. “

Last week, Betfair said Lyran replaced Eamonn on 8/1 and I like celebrity star Vernon Kay on 2/1.

Also in front of Lylan is actor and presenter Bradley Walsh on May 2nd.

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Lylan is running on behalf of Amon Holmes this morning, saying "the viewer loves him."

Source link Lylan is running on behalf of Amon Holmes this morning, saying "the viewer loves him."

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