Lylan Clark admits, “I didn’t think he was here,” after breaking up with her husband Dan.

Celebrity Big Brother Star Lyran Clark In a frank interview last year, he revealed how low he was following the split with his husband Dan Neal.

The television personality (real name Ross Richard Clark) became open about his lowest point after he felt “I didn’t think he was here” after the marriage split.

Talk to Guardian Observer Lylan, 33, said: Or whether I can do this job again. I … got pretty sick. “

The star admitted that he didn’t eat at the time, saying: It got worse. Very bad And I didn’t think it would be better. I needed help. “

Lyran Clark opened up about his divorce, admitting he “did not think he was here”

Lylan and Dan split up last summer after six years of marriage. Dan was a contestant for Big Brother and his pair when he interviewed Lylan when he was kicked out of the house.

After split Lyran took a little time from his Radio 2 show And it disappeared from the general public for 4 months.

He recalls: “Believe it or not, I’m very private and I really want to be that way. But like Wally, people flying over my house by drone said,” Where is he? ” When I didn’t introduce Eurovision, they knew something was really wrong! ”

He continued. “Everyone feels like I’m their companion. I was probably talking to 5 million people overnight, but for the first time last summer, I literally felt lonely.

Lyran Clark reveals that he was hospitalized after he felt "Low" Following his split from her husband Dan Neil
Lyran Clark revealed that he was hospitalized after feeling “low” following his farewell to her husband Dan Neill.

“I’m always strong. I’ve always taken a lot of s ** t. And here Lylan and Ross play an active part, because when it’s Lylan, I’m a brick wall. You’re me You can take p ** out of your teeth and call me ac ***, and I just go, “it’s okay”. This is what I will pay for. But when it’s Ross, I don’t handle it well. And when you find what you always wanted, it wasn’t what you expected … “

He made it clear: I didn’t think I could continue. He was asked if he was referring to work or to live, and the former. X factor Favorite answer: “Both. I didn’t expect to come back. I’m very … gone.”

Lyran and Dannir split last summer after six years of marriage
Lyran and Dannir split last summer after six years of marriage

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His lowest point was a surprise to those closest to him.

He states: “I’m the last person to believe that my friends can feel as low as I am.

“On the surface, you can take care of yourself on paper, but in reality money and fame weren’t important at that moment and in the months that followed. I didn’t know. I had an idea and was doing what made me … I was sick of looking for better words. I didn’t know why I was doing that. So I was a little I went away. “

Lyran spent in the hospital "For safety reasons"
Lyran spent “for safety reasons” in the hospital

Lylan revealed that he spent some time in the hospital “for safety reasons.” He explained: “It’s really weird to talk about this, because I didn’t even tell my friends about it. I never thought I would get so sick.”

He believed that the divorce caused the collapse, but since then he has realized that there is more to be divorce and his public life has been part of the problem.

He explained: “I’ve been doing this job for 10 years. And I think the whole 10 years slammed me around my butt and stabbed me in my stomach. Maybe I need it to happen. I wish it didn’t happen so hard. “

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He continued: “I think I’m finding a new” I “now. I am very good at becoming a lylan. I know my job-what’s right, what’s wrong, what works, what doesn’t-I’m doing Lyran really well. But in reality, I didn’t know how much loss I had lost. “

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Lylan Clark admits, "I didn't think he was here," after breaking up with her husband Dan.

Source link Lylan Clark admits, "I didn't think he was here," after breaking up with her husband Dan.

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