Lydia Lucy of The Voice details the traumatic birth of a baby with a strap around her neck.

The Voice UK Star Lydia Lucy exclusively shared the gorgeous first photo of her adorable daughter Dotti Mai all right! After giving birth to her last month.

Motherhood is “amazing,” she says, but 28-year-old Lydia suffered considerable challenges while preparing for childbirth.

“It seemed to last forever. Now I can see how a woman worked for 4 days because you really feel like you were there forever, it’s very I’m frustrated, “she tells us from her house Essex.

Here, the singer talks to us through her traumatic experience and explains that she and her partner Tommy Watson’s daughter may already be planning to follow in the footsteps of her mother’s entertainment world. ..

Voice UK star Lydia Lucy introduces her daughter Dottie-Mai

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Hello Lydia! Congratulations on the birth of Dottie-Mai, how do you and Tommy find a parent-child relationship?

We were absolutely over the moon and couldn’t ask for anything more, but we are very tired! I’m glad she’s fine. She was £ 8 and 9 ounces, so I’m recovering now. She was a big baby! I think that’s probably why we had some complications. We are so in love and crazy about her.

It seems that you had a lot of trouble, can you tell us what happened?

I went to the hospital to be guided on Thursday [25 November], She was measuring a pretty big baby and at my size, I was only 5 feet, so they were pretty worried. I was guided, but it wasn’t really happening, so I had to wait 24 hours and was guided twice more, but it still didn’t speed up anything and brought no effort. ..

At this point, I did all the assessments and was emotionally and physically exhausted after being stabbed and stabbed in the left, right, and center. I have to say that all the midwives and hospital staff were really great, but it was a very long process.

On Saturday the third day, they said they would seduce me again, and I honestly had a little mental weakness to you. They were trying to raise a stick of Dilapan to me to start working, but I just said no, I didn’t want it anymore. When I said, “I changed my mind,” I was so angry that I couldn’t stop crying and didn’t know what to do.

Then they took me to see a doctor, and when the doctor said I could break my water, they were about to put a rod for further guidance. So it was a little miracle. But it was a little off, so I wasn’t sure what was going on. Then he broke my water, it was a little crazy, it was like Niagara Falls!

Lydia was triggered 3 times before Dottie-Mai was born
Lydia was triggered 3 times before Dottie-Mai was born

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It’s terrible! What happened next?

When my water broke, I received a hormone drip and she arrived early Sunday morning. It was very traumatic, where I was placed in a hormonal drip, the contraction began to come thick and fast, and it all happened very, very fast. I didn’t want to relieve the pain enough, but the instep had pethidine in it, so it really hit the fans!

Did things go smoothly after giving birth?

No, the baby actually came out with a cord wrapped around the neck, but fortunately it was all happening on the other side, so I wasn’t wise about it, but my mom and mine The partner was very aware.

But what I knew was that when she came out she wasn’t crying and expected to hear the baby crying, so I was panicking about it. .. But the midwife was absolutely great, she literally solved the code, her rest came out, and she was absolutely fine. She is our little miracle rainbow baby!

How did Tommy find himself in the delivery room?

He kept the headend because he was a little nervous, but he was very supportive. I think my mom turned a little gray, but so did Tommy! He was planning to bring his laptop and watch a movie because he was told it would be a long night with his first childbirth, which obviously didn’t happen! He logged on to NHS Wi-Fi and shut down straight again.

Lydia jokes that her partner Tommy Watson
Lydia jokes that her partner Tommy Watson “grayed” at birth

Dottie-Mai was born with a string around his neck
Dottie-Mai was born with a string around his neck

During your pregnancy, we talked about your illness and health fears you were suffering from. How was your pregnancy?

I’m still classified as high risk, so I think they wanted to seduce me because of all the complications during pregnancy and because she was a big baby.

They were worried because of the blood clots I had, and of course you could bleed when you give birth or make a caesarean section, do I need one of them? I didn’t know. But at the end of my pregnancy, apart from the huge feelings, I felt okay.

Are the doctors happy with you now?

They’re watching me just to make sure everything is okay, but my fingers crossed, it was just a pregnancy issue. Hopefully everything will go smoothly from here to the next vehicle! But that won’t be for a while, I can tell you that.

Lydia and Tommy still want more kids, despite the challenges
Lydia and Tommy still want more kids, despite the challenges

Dottie-Mai's name is a homage to Lydia and Tommy's grandparents.
Dottie-Mai’s name is a homage to Lydia and Tommy’s grandparents.

Trials haven’t you postponed having more children in the future?

I will definitely have more children. It was very traumatic, but she is worth it. I glanced at her, and what a hell, there is no such love. You forget all the pain and everything that is happening.

What was the first moment you hugged her?

In fact, it’s pretty surreal. They put this baby on your chest, and I just remember looking at her and thinking, “What happened to me?” It was as if it wasn’t real. I just experienced all the pushes and everything else, but I felt like I was in fantasy. I don’t think my mother can explain that feeling. I still can’t believe I did it, I’m shocked by myself. I didn’t expect to be able to do such a thing, but when you go with it at that moment, it’s crazy.

Dottie-Mai is a very gorgeous name, but where did you come from?

Grandma’s name was Dottie and Tommy’s nan was Shirley-May, so I decided to combine both names to create a double barrel and give it a sentimental name. I love it, and I’m very happy with the message from many people that I love it.

The photos are great, but how was Dottie-Mai that day?

She was really good. I was a little worried about going out and it’s very cold now, so I asked a photographer to come home. They said she was so well-behaved that she should be included for baby modeling! She never screamed or cried.

So may she be following in the footsteps of your entertainment world?

Maybe that’s fine!

Looking forward to spending Christmas with her?

It’s interesting because I don’t think it’s Christmas because of the parent-child relationship. I don’t even know how many days it is! But I’m really looking forward to her coming to Christmas. Tommy’s parents and grandparents are over the moon. It will be the most magical Christmas for a three and a half week baby.

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Lydia Lucy of The Voice details the traumatic birth of a baby with a strap around her neck.

Source link Lydia Lucy of The Voice details the traumatic birth of a baby with a strap around her neck.

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