Lydia Bright is “incredibly proud” of former James Argent, who “never stopped loving her.”

Lydia Bright When James Argent The relationship may have ended years ago, but the pair still wants the best of each other.

According to one source, Lydia is “incredibly proud” of how Arg managed his health and lost weight over the past year.

The TOWIE Star, 34, I’ve lost an amazing 13 stones since I had weight loss surgery Last April.

Source of information spoken exclusively understood!: “Lydia and Arug have become really intimate since his weight loss surgery and she is incredibly proud of him.

“Arug has never really stopped loving Lydia, and they probably won’t love anything more to get things done again.”

Lydia Bright and James Argent “always intended to be together,” sources say.

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Together with Mark Wright and his then girlfriend Lauren Goodger, the pair was like a power couple in the early days of The Only Way Is Essex, but in 2016 they were separate. I walked the way.

But even posing to take pictures of each other on social media are solid friends and have publicly endorsed each other.

Argu also showed that he liked Lydia’s daughter, Loretta. Loretta shares with her ex-Lee Kronin.

Arg shows off recent weight loss

The pair have returned together, according to reports over the last few weeks. However, Arg has since stopped making those claims.

Argu believes he’s back with Lydia, so he admits that it feels “frustrating” if the girl doesn’t approach him following the change in weight loss.

“We want to live each other’s lives forever. She is one of my best friends. We care and respect each other, but endanger it except being friends. I think, “Arg explained.

The only way is that Essex’s James Argent looks back on the “harsh” festive season.

He added to mirror: “Lydia is the one I’m asking for help, so I’d love to meet when I don’t have a good day, but I can’t do that right away because the pictures are taken. Everyone says” they “. Come back together. “

“Don’t worry, there’s a girl who thinks’Isn’t she with Lydia?’. It’s frustrating.”

Not only can James label Lydia as her best friend, but she can also seek advice from Lydia’s mother, Debbie.

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Lydia Bright is "incredibly proud" of former James Argent, who "never stopped loving her."

Source link Lydia Bright is "incredibly proud" of former James Argent, who "never stopped loving her."

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