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Lutfur Rahman. Former mayor re-elected at London Tower Hamlets for ‘corruption’

The former mayor of London, who was forced to resign after being fired for five years, is back in office.

Lutfur Rahman was ousted as mayor of Tower Hamlets in 2015 after an election court found him guilty of corruption and wrongdoing and that he had not been prosecuted.

But as the results of the local elections were announced on Friday, Mr. Rahman returned to that role.

His 40,804 votes surpassed the 33,487 received by his nearest Labor rival, John Biggs, who has held the post since 2015.

Speaking on behalf of the Aspire party, Mr Rahman said he had “a bigger mandate than I did in 2014 or 2010” and promised to “rebuild” the district.

He said. “I want to rebuild the Tower Hamlets, I want to invest in our future, to give our people a better future than we have in the last seven years.

“Judge me և my administration on our protocol, what we provided in the first half. The only district in the country that has free home care, we delivered the London living wage. maintenance allowance.

“Our promises are more advanced, judge me what we will do for you.”

One of the issues that angered voters was Mr. Biggs’ implementation of low-traffic areas where residential streets are closed to restrict traffic.

Mr. Rahman suggested eliminating them as one of his first actions as mayor, saying: “Our roads are closed, blocked.

“It helps to increase CO2 in the district when the idea was to reduce it.

Mr. Rahman defeats incumbent John Biggs (center)

“We will look at our roads, we will consult, we will reopen our roads.”

Back in 2015, Election Commissioner Richard Maury made a number of revelations against Mr Rahman, saying they had revealed an “alarming situation” in the East London district.

Four voters filed a lawsuit against Mr. Rahmanfiling a number of charges, including “person” in postal և polling stations, involving illegal voting on behalf of others.

Mr Rahman had argued that there was “little, if any” evidence of wrongdoing against him, as his lawyers had dismissed the allegations as “in some cases simply intentional false allegations”.

Due to Mr. Mauri’s decision, the 2014 mayoral election for Tower Hamlets was canceled, and Mr. Biggs won the re-election.

Lutfur Rahman. Former mayor re-elected at London Tower Hamlets for ‘corruption’

Source Lutfur Rahman. Former mayor re-elected at London Tower Hamlets for ‘corruption’

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