Luke of MAFS UK reveals that he wants to find love, but admits he has a “trust problem”

Luke Dawson revealed that he was open to finding love after he couldn’t find it love at first sight.

Firefighters and care facility managers worked hard on a potential romance with Morag Crickton at the show, but after Morag, 31, Luke said, “It wasn’t what she ordered.” After that, things didn’t go well.

Following the end of the show and the romance between himself and Morag, Luke revealed that he wanted to fall in love, but he admitted that he was “afraid” that it wouldn’t work.

In an exclusive interview with all right!Luke, 37, was asked if he was open to finding love.

Married love at first sight British star Luke Dawson reveals that he wants to find love but is “feared”

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He said: “Yes. Look, I went to the show, I want to fall in love.

“I think it’s difficult for me for now because I’m worried that I’m in a relationship and it doesn’t work out what it looks like.

“Trust problem, who can you trust? And I’m not adventurous, I’m not out every night, I’m not going to meet anyone in the pub, so how do I meet that person?”

Luke, Those who recently admitted that they felt they weren’t in the show “Oh yeah, I’m really open to meeting someone, but I don’t know how. I’m not in a hurry.”

MAFS star Luke matched Morag at the show, but things didn’t go well

Luke frankly admitted that he had a “trust problem”

Luke, She recently revealed that she “did not want a war” with Morag, but said her recent comments were “ravaged.” At the show, he made a close bond with his MAFS castmate Marilis Corrigan.

Marylise, 36, said recently Luke was able to become her “perfect partner”.

She said to the sun: “Should I go with Luke? I think I might eat him for breakfast.”

The beauty of jet-black hair says, “I say I really like Luke. I think he’s a nice guy. He could be my perfect partner.”

Marilis Corrigan said Luke Dawson could be her “perfect partner”, but Luke claimed they were just friends.

However, Luke has since revealed that there is no potential for romance between himself and Mariles.

When quized about recent comments from his castmates all right!Luke laughed and said. “Yes, I and Mazu are very close. We are best friends. But I am Frankie and I am. She is still a friend of Morag.

“But we are very intimate, we are great friends, and we must ultimately be scrutinized by Marylise or me, before we go anywhere.

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“Hey, if we were in agreement, we could have been completely different, but we aren’t very friends. As soon as you enter my friends zone, you My friend!

“And I don’t endanger our relationship for free. She’s too important to me.”

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Luke of MAFS UK reveals that he wants to find love, but admits he has a "trust problem"

Source link Luke of MAFS UK reveals that he wants to find love, but admits he has a "trust problem"

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