Luisa Zissman says the apprentice is “scary” and admits that he will never do it again.

Luisa Jissman Reflects her time on the BBC apprentice The show recently returned to our screen for the first time since 2019.

Luisa, 34, gained fame in the program, Sir Alan Sugar, When I advanced to the final in 2013.

Following her success, Luisa has appeared in Celebrity Big Brother and frequently meets at shows such as Good Morning Britain and Ruth Wimin.

Almost 10 years after joining the program, Louisa branded the show “scary and scary.”

Luisa Zissman was the runner-up to The Apprentice in 2013.

Louisa said exclusively understood!: “I loved being in Apprentice for a long time. It was great.

“Every time I entered the conference room, I was very scared and scared. Now, I think I saw (last week’s episode) and thought,” What a hell. ” I’m 10 years old now, but at the time it was even more scary. ”

“It shaped me, it also shaped my future career,” the two mothers continued.

“Without the show, I couldn’t do what I’m doing now, so I can only say good things.”

rear Watch the debut episode of Series 16 last week – It saw a team of boys create what Sir Sugar branded “The worst logo in the history of the show” – Luisa admitted that while enjoying her time at the show, she wouldn’t rush to start over.

Louisa said OK!About her time at Apprentice
Louisa said OK!About her time at Apprentice

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Entrepreneurs also revealed behind the scenes what it really is.

“When you’re doing that, you know what’s going on behind the scenes, so I think it’ll ruin you to see it,” she continued.

“I was watching last week and was wondering,’Why do you do that?’, But I couldn’t see the producer looking back and saying,’What do you think about this?'”

Luisa added: “You’re asked what Sir Sugar really is. To be honest, you spend very little time with him and Karen.

Luisa underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2013 and went up to the E-cup
Luisa Zissman revealed that apprentice contestants haven’t spent much time with Sir Sugar

Luisa has a podcast Anna Williamson on Celebrity Go DateIt also reflects how the times have changed since she joined the program, especially from a social media perspective.

“I think it’s even bigger now because you’re in the public eye,” she said.

“When I did that, there was only Twitter. Instagram didn’t really exist. There was no such thing as TikTok.

“They also show that it’s difficult because they are competing with so many realities. They have to get these characters, but you get such a character. When you get in, you get stupid people. “

Luisa continues. “The current world structure is to sell a few bits on Facebook, with annual sales of £ 10,000, but now everyone has easy access to saying that they are business owners. And I think you are.”

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Luisa Zissman says the apprentice is "scary" and admits that he will never do it again.

Source link Luisa Zissman says the apprentice is "scary" and admits that he will never do it again.

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