Lucy Mecklenberg “lost the battle to turn an Essex bungalow into a £ 1.5 million dream home.”

Lucy Meckelnberg Plans to turn her Essex bungalow into a £ 1.5 million home have been reportedly shattered.

Formerly the only way, Essex star Lucy, 30, said she was recently trying to sue her plans for refusal after neighbors complained about the proposal to change her home. ..

Lucy’s reported hip-to-gable roof expansion, more luflights, ground floor front expansion, and new front porch plans sparked alongside residents of Brentwood’s dead end.

Pregnant star Lucy and her former Coronation Street actor, Ryan Tomas, originally planned a loft conversation, and rear and front extensions were accepted.

Lucy Mecklenberg’s latest building permit request is reportedly rejected by the council.

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However, it is understood that some neighbors opposed her latest proposal to further expand the property with two more bedrooms, a built-in wardrobe, and a larger private bathroom.

A neighbor reportedly wrote to the council. Email online, Read: “I’m totally against this plan application. When I moved seven years ago, it was a bungalow dead end.

“I’ve lived next to a construction site for six and a half years, but the house next door isn’t finished with planks yet.

“We had builder merchant heavy trucks, skip heavy trucks, concrete mixer trucks, etc. As a result, the roads are now full of potholes.”

Lucy and Ryan reportedly applied for further improvements in the Essex bungalows.

“It seems that there was no council oversight of work to ensure completion in an acceptable time frame that would help minimize the impact on both the road and the communities within it.

“If this application is granted, we will again suffer the inconvenience of more trucks traveling on and off the road.”

A second letter from another resident states: “The design and appearance are completely different from other dwellings, including previous developments.

“This proposed development is inconsistent with the surrounding area and other characteristics.”

Neighbors complained about further plans for Lucy’s house during pregnancy

The proposals reported for the new development featured a corridor, a kitchen on the ground floor, a dining area, a family seating area, a study, and two bedrooms.

The ground floor consisted of a master bedroom and two more bedrooms, but now it is a five-bedroom house.

Following a letter from a neighbor, Basildon council officials abandoned her plan application, saying that development would result in a “bulky addition” that would not be in harmony with the rest of the building, street scene, and regional features. understood.

Lucy is understood to have appealed to a government planning inspector. In a document viewed by MailOnline, her appeal states: [the close] It’s a bungalow. However, the majority offer accommodation on the ground floor.

Lucy reportedly appealed to the council’s decision to revoke her building permit.

“The proposed extension is specially designed to respect the symmetrical design of existing dwellings.

“It is the most practical and design-sensitive solution for achieving ground floor space without causing significant material harm, consistent with the modern characteristics of the dwelling.

“It is acknowledged that the form of expansion is not in harmony with other bungalows. Other bungalows feature the simplest higher raised roof plans.

Lucy Mecklenberg’s appeal was reportedly dismissed

“But just because a design isn’t maintained doesn’t mean it’s automatically harmful.”

However, it is understood that planning inspector Mark Philput dismissed Lucy’s complaint after visiting her home last month.

understood! We are asking Lucy’s representative for comment.

In the report, the planning inspector said:

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“As a result, the extension of the first floor is awkwardly placed on the protrusions and porch of the first floor, and the resulting frontal height looks cramped.

“For these reasons, the front extension makes the dwelling look inconsistent in the dead end.

“As a result, the character and appearance of the area will be impaired.”

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Lucy Mecklenberg "lost the battle to turn an Essex bungalow into a £ 1.5 million dream home."

Source link Lucy Mecklenberg "lost the battle to turn an Essex bungalow into a £ 1.5 million dream home."

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