Lucy Mecklenberg admits she “dislikes it” because she was forced to give her son a lot of medicine to the Romans.

Lucy Mecklenberg released a handful of daily medications she had to give to her firstborn after his horrific health horror.

former TOWIE Star, 30, fiancée Ryan Thomas After finding my 20-month-old son “Blue” in the crib, I hurried to A & E earlier this year. In the intensive care unit..


Lucy Mecklenberg reveals the reality of his son Roman’s daily dosing listCredit: Instagram
Former TOWIE star, of course, said she


Former TOWIE star, of course, said she “dislikes” giving young people daily treatments.Credit: Instagram

Following the turmoil in September, the young man was prescribed a series of tablets and inhalers. Lucy Documented on her Instagram page.

Lucy captures the description of the medicine that was sitting side by side with the bottle, pill, inhaler, and nebulizer, and wrote:

“I don’t know who hates me or him anymore,” the emoji’s face continued, crying.

Still, the Romans seemed to have a happy afternoon when they headed to the Guru Faro Trail with their mother.

Battle of Rome

Fortunately, Roman bounced off a week after wearing a ventilator while being treated in the St. Mary’s London Intensive Care Unit earlier this year.

Looking back at the traumatic hospital dash, Lucy Since then, the Romans have been suffering from what is called “virus-induced wheezing,” explaining that they had been in and out of the hospital before his latest experience.

The TV star said he remembered that night in September and woke up at 4 am feeling something was wrong and went to investigate the Romans who had a cold.

At that time, Lucy who announced her ppregnancy I found him this month Inside and outside of consciousness In his bed.

Talk to Booger, sweat and tears The podcast, Lucy, started as follows: I just have a little dream. “

“I saw him on the monitor, and he looked fine, and at 4am something didn’t feel right.

“I saw him on the monitor and he was moving from side to side very slowly. I thought,’I feel sick, so I want to see him,'” she continued.

“I think it’s in all of us. Are we the only ones we know as moms? Anyway, Basildon Hospital and St. Mary’s in London, I really want to say thank you. I Was in the safest hand ever.

Lucy’s voice cracked as she said. “They were absolutely amazing. I need to thank the ambulance service for keeping my son here and arriving very early.

Lucy recalled Rome’s diagnosis and said she believed that isolation from extended family and friends during the pandemic affected his immune system.

She later said: “I don’t know the facts, but the Romans could have been born 10 days before Covid, and he was so isolated that he was literally isolated for six months, so he had the opportunity to fight. There was no virus.

“When he was in the hospital, a test came back that he had six viruses, so it was the six viruses that I saw with a stinky nose. That was his little body fighting. It had to be, and that could be the reason he was so poor. It’s time to get a ventilator.

“But if he was in the normal world at first, you would think he could have fought those viruses.

“He would have already had them and repelled them. Do you know what I mean? He wouldn’t have six at a time.”

Warning display

Lucy has been sharing since then Warning sign behind the horror of his son Roman’s horrifying intensive care unit To help other mothers.

She wrote on Instagram: He is having a hard time breathing because he can see his chest sucked in and working really hard.

“We usually take nebulizers, oxygen, steroids, monitor overnight, and then go out by morning.

“But this time, I had a little wheezing at lunch, but I didn’t wheeze before going to bed, and it looked completely fine except for a blurred nose. Just in case, I inhaled the inhaler twice before going to bed. . “

In September, Lucy revealed that the Romans needed an inhaler twice a day after the trial.

Former Collie star Ryan Tomas, who won the Celebrity Big Brother, said it was “the most horrifying time of their life” when he shared a photo of him hugging his son at the hospital.

The couple launched a fundraising page for Cosmic charityTake care of your baby and children in the intensive care unit.

They have now promised to do everything they can to give back to those who saved their son’s life.

Now 20 months old, Roman was rushed to the hospital in September after


Now 20 months old, Roman was rushed to the hospital in September after “turning blue” in his crib.Credit: Instagram
Young people suffered from virus-induced wheezing


Young people suffered from virus-induced wheezingCredit: Instagram
Lucy and Ryan are now expecting a second child


Lucy and Ryan are now expecting a second childCredit: Instagram / lucymeck1
Lucy Mek reveals that his son Roman needs an inhaler twice a day after horror in the hospital.

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Lucy Mecklenberg admits she “dislikes it” because she was forced to give her son a lot of medicine to the Romans.

Source link Lucy Mecklenberg admits she “dislikes it” because she was forced to give her son a lot of medicine to the Romans.

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