Luca Brecel enjoys “special” achievements after sinking Kyren Wilson to reach the UK Championship finals

Belgium’s Lucabresel edited the 4th century to sink Killen Wilson And be the first player to reach from the European continent British National Cyclocross Final in York

The 26-year-old started with a clearance of 130 and ended his 6-4 victory on Showboat 112, brilliantly climbing to the biggest match of his career.

Installed as a favorite after defeating Ronnie O’Sullivan in the last eight years, Wilson grabbed his own century in the second frame, but almost impressed in the face of such an onslaught from world number 40. I couldn’t give it.

“It feels great to have such a performance in a big game like this,” Bressel said. “If I play that way again in the final, I don’t think I’ll be defeated.”

His stunning exhibits show great potential as a junior and have long come from Bressel, who became the youngest player to compete in the World Championships at the age of 17 in 2012.

However, despite becoming a fixture in the top 16 of the world and winning first place in the 2017 Chinese Championship, he struggled to maintain his initial momentum.

Kyren Wilson was swept away by Luca Brecel in York (Zac Goodwin / PA)

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Bressel, who won second place in the Championship League in 2020, got a better glimpse of his talent in York when he whitened former winner Steven McGuire in the third round.

However, Bressel had little suggestion of how to embark on the biggest match of his career. It started with a clearance of 130 and returned two centuries ago after Wilson responded with 121.

Bressel may have devised the 3rd century in the 4th frame before the unfortunate split cleared Wilson to pink and reached the second level 2-2.

After sinking O’Sullivan, Wilson fell hard to lag behind in a major tournament and open a breakthrough, and only took the fifth frame to move forward.

However, he had no choice but to sit and marvel at the onslaught after Bressel created the third century of the match, followed by breaks of 97 and 80, and a frame move from the final.

Notable criteria continued when Wilson responded at 83 to reduce the deficit to 5-4, but if the magnitude of the opportunity was about to reach Bressel, he still did not show it. It was.

After a long safety exchange at the start of the 10th frame, the ball was properly placed and the Belgians sealed the 4th century, prospered in the Sunday final and finished in a ridiculous cross-double red.

Luca Bressel became nervous to claim the famous victory (Zac Goodwin / PA)

(PA wire)

“It would be great to return to Belgium,” Bressel added. “It will be everywhere on TV and in newspapers. It’s already special, but it will be even better if we win the final tomorrow.”

Wilson admitted that he couldn’t complain about the results, so he’s still looking for the elusive first “triple crown” title in his career.

Wilson said:

“As long as I leave everything there and feel like I have achieved justice, there will be two people there at the end of the day, and the better one of the day will win.”

Luca Brecel enjoys “special” achievements after sinking Kyren Wilson to reach the UK Championship finals

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