Love Island’s Yewande Biara was almost kidnapped and “I thought she would die” on the dreaded The Tinder day.

Yewande Biala claimed she was almost “kidnapped” and was afraid she would be killed on the dreaded The Tinder day.

The 26-year-old opened her heart to the horrifying experience that happened “in the middle” and elaborated on how she came up with an escape plan.

Love Island star Yewande was relieved when she revealed that she had planned a date safely, had her mother drop her off, and thought the date was a “decent person.”

She also admitted that she wasn’t an affectionate person, so he “scratched her leg” and wasn’t sure if the man’s behavior was standard.

Yewande Biala details how she thought she would be kidnapped and killed on The Tinder’s day.

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Yewande describes the trial as follows: “I had my mom drop me somewhere near my house. I picked me up right and looked at him and I thought.” Not bad! You look like the picture of the crater. I can’t see you, but you’re not too far away. “Grand.

“We were in the car that arrived at the bar and got some drinks that would make it magnificent. I told him:” Listen, you thought you would be a psychopath. But it turned out to be a decent person in reality. “We laughed. “

She continued: “Then we were back in his car, and with me, obviously most people know, I’m not really the most affectionate type of person.

Yewande was
Yewande was “relieved” when she thought her date was a “decent person”

Yewande's date was trying to
Yewande’s date was trying to “scratch his feet” to see the color of his underwear

“When I say I don’t really like love, I’m fatally serious. It takes me time and I’m not confused.

“So he was a little uncomfortable with his hips and hips, so I’m a little uncomfortable. I’m hesitant to touch unless I know you, but soon I realize he’s not free. He grabbed my hips checking to see if I was wearing a nicker!

“I was wondering because I could literally feel his fingers moving up and down many times:” What are you trying to do? “

She continued to the Pretty Little Thing Behind Closed Doors podcast: “So I’m me, and it was like,’It may be normal for someone who loves love, but this may be what people are doing.'” So I’m going with that, and this is ok.

Love Island star dropped her date out of Random House
Love Island star dropped her date out of Random House

“I got into the car with my seatbelts on. He took me home. Now I live in Meath and the people who live in Meath near Enfield. Keep in mind that there is a center. I live in the middle of where.

“He took me home and this guy starts to feel my feet. I don’t feel … scratching with his nails. For some reason he thought this was sexy He started scratching my leg and I’m thinking. What to do? No credit, no one can call, nowhere to jump out of the car, what should I do? “

“Then he starts asking me what color of underwear I’m wearing! I thought I’d be kidnapped. I said,” This is how people die and get trapped in the dungeon. ” It happens like this!

“I was scared and couldn’t react.” What if this goes south and he goes crazy? Then what do I do? “

Yewande, who came up with a plan to escape, continued. “So, if you drop me on a random land that isn’t even near my house, I end up going home.

“I pretend to be in this random person’s house and he drives away. Then I go home and say,” Oh, I hope I didn’t go too far, but you I hope you had a great time … “. ‘What life? !!

“Then I went to talk to my friends, and they were, it didn’t usually happen, maybe you shouldn’t use The Tinder!”

Love Island's Yewande Biara was almost kidnapped and "I thought she would die" on the dreaded The Tinder day.

Source link Love Island's Yewande Biara was almost kidnapped and "I thought she would die" on the dreaded The Tinder day.

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