Love Island’s Faye Winter decides to spend Christmas day apart from his boyfriend Teddy Soares

During her time Love island, Faye Winter It certainly left an impression on me.From reviving the trend of brown lipstick to her fiery romance with her co-star Teddy Soares, She always spoke her heart and remained loyal to herself.

Despite some clashes on the road where Teddy is in the villa, things have been thankfully going well since then. As we catch up with Faye, she tells us how much she enjoys living under the same roof after moving with her last month.

“I love it,” she says. new .. “There’s a lot to do at home, but Teddy lets me do what I want to do.”

Here, 26-year-old Faye tells us what he likes most about the 26-year-old man, how he spends his first holiday season as a couple, and why she decides to melt the lip filler. Will give you …

Faye and Teddy are still strong after meeting at Love Island earlier this year.

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Hello Faye! Are you and Teddy looking forward to your first Christmas together?

we are! I’m spending time with my family in Devon and Teddy is invited, but he’s also away from his family so there’s no pressure. I can meet him on Boxing Day. And next year we can do it all together. Teddy’s mom would have loved hosting us this year, but we don’t even have tables or chairs. I told Teddy, it doesn’t matter because it hopes we have the rest forever to host Christmas, so we can do it at any time.

Ah! Do you ruin each other?

I told Teddy that we alone wanted to leave. If not, I would like to spend the day at Dunelm’s voucher or charity shop.

Do you and Teddy enjoy living together?

We are really busy-we are very busy, but we are still doing ourselves. We are very aware that we are in a new relationship and we take it every day. But we are happy.

How do you maintain the mystery now that you live together?

We do not live in each other’s pockets. I’m still in a bad mood every day – I have my hair and eyelashes. And he’s just healthy, so he doesn’t have to do anything. He really just wants sex! [Laughs] I say that, I don’t care, we are all humans. I’m crazy about him. He can’t do anything wrong.

Faye will spend Christmas with his family

Does he have a bad habit?

He dithersHave you seen a Disney movie? Zootopia And a sloth working in a DMV? It’s basically Teddy about to leave the house. “I forgot my debit card, so I need to check all the doors,” he says. It’s like “Get out of the house!”

And what do you like best about him?

He is very compassionate and selfless. He can’t do enough for me. He puts everyone in front of him. I’m very lucky because he’s a very gentleman and has a beautiful soul both inside and out.

Who of the Love Island couples still together will achieve it by 2022?

When I see everyone together, they all match so well that I don’t want to name it. I hope you guys are. If not everyone this time next year, I would be p **** d. We need to choose who to ride with.

I recently melted my lip filler. Why did you want to do that?

I had very big lips in the villa. It took three years to build it gradually, so I think it was bigger than I expected.Then I had an accident at the villa between Snog, Marry, Pie Challenge, and Aaron. [Francis] I stabbed me with enough force to bite my lips, and a big lump came out under the filler, so one side was bigger than the other. So I disbanded them. When I went to the villa, I had 4ml on them. Now that I have 1.5ml, they are much smaller and flat on my face. I like filled lips, but they look much better than villas.

She had her lip filler melted

So wasn’t it the comments of people online that you wanted to change them?

No, people’s comments are just background noise. When I disbanded, I received a lot of comments that “it looks very good”. But I’m not here to please someone else. I am satisfied with the lip filler. If you don’t like it, please unfollow. I ate a little botox, lips and boobs. For me, it makes me feel very confident. If my parents and sister don’t care what I did, I don’t care what others say.

Do you feel like you got a bad rap from your viewers while attending the show?

number! I had those discussions, and I’m that person. I loudly insert my opinion and discuss it with people. I still say that I did those things, so I don’t think it was an unfair expression. It’s a bit of my personality that I can’t escape. I want to be spoken rather than not want to be spoken!

Faye became Razzl Dazzl’s first brand ambassador

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It’s great to bring something to the UK that I’m very passionate about. I’ve been wearing hair extensions since I was 14, so it’s a match made in heaven. There are two sets of extensions, 16-inch and 20-inch. There are 16 shades and 41 pieces in the collection, so hopefully every girl can find a shade. I also bring a travel bag and a styling clip. Previously, when I was out, the extension would look like a dead dog in my suitcase. Razzl Dazzl has given me the freedom to use my collection. The products were also ethically sourced at affordable prices, which was the biggest thing for me. I may not always understand it correctly, but with this brand I support everything they do.

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Love Island's Faye Winter decides to spend Christmas day apart from his boyfriend Teddy Soares

Source link Love Island's Faye Winter decides to spend Christmas day apart from his boyfriend Teddy Soares

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