Love Island’s AJ bunker shows off a new look after melting the cheek filler

Love island Star AJ bunker After removing her filler, she showed off her natural beauty this week.

The 28-year-old reality star showed off a fresh look after leaving the ITV reality dating show, sharing how to melt the filler. After being fooled by some viewers during the show.

When AJ attended this week’s Batout of Helgara Premier, she wore a light corset top and leather trousers and had a fresh look with a new look.

The star wore her long hair with curls, chose a natural make-up with bare lips and statement lashes, and combined her outfit with simple stud earrings and a delicate necklace.

AJ entered the villa on the 17th day of Love Island last summer and was dumped from the island on the 23rd day.

AJ Bunker showed off her new beauty look after melting the filler

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And while she was successful beyond the show, the star was exposed to some cruel vandalism that criticized her appearance when she joined the island.

Former extension technician I spoke frankly to OK! About trolling She received after the showAnd how upset she was to the people commenting on the filler she had.

“When I first came out, I trolled my cheek filler on a large scale and looked old, too old for Love Island and the like,” Beauty shared with us.

She continued: “Even though I disbanded it, I still get it.

Previous extension technicians used to say frankly OK.About the trolling she received after the show

“When someone starts commenting and it all starts, it doesn’t really go. When I first came out-I don’t say I agreed-but I saw too much filler So I saw where the comments came from.

“I was angry because I was angry at what I did and knew it wasn’t right. That.”

Talk to Sun, AJ revealed that he spent more than £ 1,000 on fillers before attending the show.

AJ looked different when he appeared on Love Island last year

However, after leaving the villa, she decided to put it back by a cosmetics doctor, Dr. Ahmed El Muntasaar.

AJ is determined not to do any more and states: ‘Or’I don’t need it at all’.

“As soon as he melted my filler, I looked very natural and immediately felt like me again.

“I don’t have a cheek filler right now. He recommends melting the lips at some point.”

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Love Island's AJ bunker shows off a new look after melting the cheek filler

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