Love Island’s AJ bunker shares the tragic reason she felt the need to remove the cheek filler.

She became famous for hit reality shows Love island, And now AJ bunker Sharing part of her journey since leaving the island.

Before heading to the show, 29-year-old AJ decided to get a cheek filler, but since then she has shared that she regrets doing so.

Former extension technician spoke frankly understood! About trolling She received after the showAnd how upset she was to the people commenting on the filler she had.

“When I first came out, I trolled my cheek filler on a large scale and looked old, too old for Love Island and the like,” Beauty shared with us.

Before heading to the show, 29-year-old AJ bunker decides to get a cheek filler.

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She continued: “Even though I disbanded it, I still get it.

“When someone starts commenting and it all starts, it doesn’t really go. When I first came out-I don’t say I agreed-but I saw too much filler So I saw where the comments came from.

“I was angry because I was angry at what I did and knew it wasn’t right. That.”

AJ said at the show he knew that the cheek filler “did not look right”

AJ understood! She wasn’t aware of the filler first until she saw herself at the show.

“When I went there, I didn’t see it. It was when I came out and looked at myself and just thought it was” awesome. ” I didn’t look like myself, “she said.

The gorgeous star admitted that it was “panicking” before the show and she got the filler for a short time to prepare.

“The time to go to the show is very short. I went without showing all the auditions so they picked me up and I know what I looked like.

AJ is one of the few love island stars who restored cosmetic surgery after the show.

“But before you get in, I think there’s pressure to think about what I’m chosen for and what I’m being devastated for, so I’ll probably try to find a flaw that wasn’t even there.”

AJ states:

“People succumb to pressure. I think my advice is to be content with yourself and not succumb to the pressure of a particular perspective. Be confident who you are.”

AJ is one of a handful of love island stars Those who have restored cosmetic surgery after the show, Including Molly May The Hague and Olivia Atwood.

After the show, AJ says he’s having a “great” time, moving from one success to the next, inspiring 102,000 Instagram followers with stylish outfit choices.

“It’s fun, you go to great events and meet great people,” AJ shared.

AJ admitted that she loves life after the villa

“I can’t deny it, but it’s tiring and overwhelming. What I find difficult is balancing my old personal life with my new life,” she added.

29 years old also recently headed Caudwell Children Charity Reading Grumbalina’s children’s book in return for the celebration.

AJ discussed his experience with us and said:

AJ recently headed to the Caudwell Children charity to read Grumbalina’s children’s books.

“I was fortunate to be invited there Gran Barina’s Book I went there that day and spent time with the kids. They were very nice and it was a great experience.

“Before Love Island, one of the things I said to my best friend was that if I could support and spread awareness about charity, I would like to be able to do it.

“I want to do more at Caudwell. I want to do whatever I can to support, influence and raise awareness of animal charities. I really want to focus on that in the New Year.”

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Love Island's AJ bunker shares the tragic reason she felt the need to remove the cheek filler.

Source link Love Island's AJ bunker shares the tragic reason she felt the need to remove the cheek filler.

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