Love Island Faye wants to marry Teddy, but admits that “he can do better”

Faye Winter of Love Island revealed that he couldn’t wait to marry his boyfriend Teddy Soares, but admitted that “he could do better.”

A beloved television shocking man talked about how to take care of Hank for her to kneel and propose every day.


Faye and Teddy finished third at the Love Island 2021 showCredit: Getty

With rumors Farewell to Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Krukshank, Faye Teddy Is the remaining one Love Island 2021 The couple is still standing.

Chat exclusively with all of us Sun, Faye, 26, and also 26-year-old Teddy talked about how he regained his faith in men.

She claimed to trust him “one million percent” to avoid cheating, even though she used to say she never completely trusts a man.

Assigned Faye Said: “I’m not going to lie, of course, when people say,’Teddy can do much better,’ it hurts.

But I really agree with them.I think so Teddy It may work much better, but at the end of the day he sleeps in my bed every night, so put it in your pipe and smoke. “

A beloved couple is now decorating their new home after moving together.

Devon’s beauty admitted that she couldn’t wait to calm down and marry the love of her life.

She said: “We always ask Teddy when we get married.

It’s almost becoming a joke because he asks me to give me ketchup and I ask him to give me my engagement ring.

I’m not here to get confused. I want to marry Teddy in the future, so if he always wants to propose on one knee, I would say so. “

With Faye Teddy Due to her trust problems and anxieties, she spent a rocky time at a villa on Love Island.

They were selected by fellow islanders as the most incompatible couple.

Despite Teddy claiming to be out of her league, Faye talked about how safe she is now in a relationship.

“Teddy is the most wonderful, compassionate and affectionate person,” she said.

“He regained his trust in men on his own. I feel he’s the luckiest person I’ve ever had. Given the wounds I had when I went to Love Island, I trusted Teddy a million percent. I am.

I think it’s really difficult to trust people. I said before that I would never completely trust someone, but with Teddy I trust.

I really trust him in my life. He goes out and I sleep. Don’t worry about him cheating or doing anything wrong. “”

She gladly said, “He can be in a club surrounded by women, but I know he will never hurt me. That’s the best thing I can hope for.” Added.

Couples Selected as


Couples Selected as “Most Incompatible” Couples by Their Fellow IslandersCredit: Getty

Faye argued against the haters who doubted that their relationship would continue outside, saying, “We’ve been a long way since we left the villa. Sounds sad, but I’m actually me. We can’t blame our relationship. We don’t even claim.

We’re like yin and yang or chalk and cheese, but it works very well. I can’t imagine myself working with someone else right now. “

Faye also said, “Teddy is everything I needed, but I didn’t realize what I wanted. I think Teddy works better than I do, but what’s wrong with that? I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think it’s natural for you to think. Your partner is great. “

Fay has launched his own clip-in hair extension collaboration with Razzl Dazzl Hair.

She added: “This collaboration is a dream come true because I always wore clip-in hair extensions. I was the only girl who wore clip-in pieces at the villa. I was aware that I didn’t want to go down the same route as a typical islander.

I don’t think I’m honest with myself. I don’t want to sell out. If I use the product and believe it, I advertise it, but I just don’t want to put my name on things. I want to get involved in the design and creative process. “

The Faye Winter x Razzl Dazzl Hair collection can be purchased at razzldazzl.com From December 15, 2021.

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Love Island Faye wants to marry Teddy, but admits that “he can do better”

Source link Love Island Faye wants to marry Teddy, but admits that “he can do better”

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