Love Island Amy Day reveals she has returned to work in front of her villa after the show

Amy Day After finding fame in, she revealed that she had returned to work in front of the villa. Love island last year.

The beauty of the brunette entered Casa Amor as a bomb, causing romance Hugo Hammond.

Things didn’t go well between the pair, but the 26-year-old has since I found love with her chunky beauty Patrick Deco and moved with him.

After leaving the stunning Mallorca villa, Amy continues her acting career while she continues to audition for her role.

Aimee Day revealed that she returned to her pre-Love Island work after she left the villa

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However, the star also revealed that she has returned to work as a real estate agent since she appeared on the ITV2 dating show.

In an exclusive chat with understood!, Amy has revealed all about her career aspirations and how she can be seen immediately in the land of soap.

When asked what his life was like after Love Island, Amy revealed:

“Then I returned to full-time work in November, so I was juggling it like social media, and Christmas was a bit crazy because everyone got Covid. With a little terrible nightmare. did!

Love Island’s Star Aimee Day became a real estate agent after the theater was closed by a pandemic

“But yes, I’m just auditioning for the show, so I hope I can announce something big this year.”

Brunettes became a full-time realtor during the coronavirus pandemic because they couldn’t work as performers because the theater was closed.

When the theater reopened, Amy returned to acting, singing, and dancing, but retained the realtor as a “side hustle.”

Amy explains: “Being a performer, I’ve sold properties between gigs for the past four to five years, so I have to wait three months at a time for a new deal.

Love Island Amy Day wants to announce “something big” this year

“And because the Covid Theater was closed, I became a full-time realtor. I haven’t returned to work as a realtor, but I’m selling real estate.

“I’m very lucky because it works really well with influence, auditions, etc.”

When asked if she would sell through a real estate agent, Amy said:

“I love selling real estate. It’s not just a side hustle, I enjoy it. I think it’s great.”

Aimee Day wants to be a soap star after Love Island

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The beauty of the brunette is a talented singer, actress, dancer and is also working to land several roles after her reality television fame.

Amy revealed that she wanted to appear in Soap and contacted EastEnders and Hollyoaks to share her interests.

She said. “I went to the audition. When I left the villa, I wanted to pantomime, so it was a bit annoying in terms of pantomime time, but the way it’s done is so cast, so so much. Early on, especially thanks to Covid, everything is ruined.

“So I’m auditioning this year, and when it comes to Hollyoaks and EastEnders, they all know I’m here. My agents contact them all. I took it. I need a character like me, so the timing is the same. “

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Love Island Amy Day reveals she has returned to work in front of her villa after the show

Source link Love Island Amy Day reveals she has returned to work in front of her villa after the show

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