Love Island Amber Gil at risk of being banned from Instagram by advertising claims

Love islandof Amber gil She has been reported to Trading Standards and warned that she may shut down her Instagram account due to non-compliance with advertising rules.

Recently 24 years old He reportedly reunited with her criminal ex-Rory Colhoun in Dubai. Is one of the many influencers who promote their products to 2.4 million followers on social media pages.

Now, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Alongside her already-listed Love Island companions Francesca Allen, Jess Gale, Eve Gale, Bell Hassan, and Anna Vakiri, the reality star has been added to the “watchlist”. ..

The ASA said influencers were listed because they did not disclose ads on social media platforms, despite being given help and advice on adhering to the rules and being warned.

Amber Gil was warned that her Instagram could be shut down

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About amber, they write: “We continue to monitor her content and she may be subject to further sanctions if she does not follow the rules in the future.”

Watchdog didn’t specify a post or Instagram story that Amber ignored the rules, but recent posts in her feed promoting products such as hair dryers have the hashtag “ad”.

Stars are new to ASA radar, but Amber’s fellow Islander buddies have imposed “further sanctions” on Instagram in the form of ads, warning people to “not follow the rules.”

Further actions against this include: “To work with social media platforms to remove non-compliant influencer content or consider statutory behavior, including possible fines, statutory influencers such as trading standards. Introduce to the institution “is included.

Amber has been added to ASA "Watch list"
Amber has been added to the ASA Watchlist

understood!online I approached Amber’s representative for further comments.

It comes after Amber recently took part in a controversy over comments. Molly May The Hague Created last month in Stephen Bartlett’s The Diary of a CEO podcast.

The podcast aired on December 13, with excerpts from a chat between two millionaires becoming viral, and Molly suggested that a person’s career shouldn’t interfere with their success.

The 22-year-old admitted that she wasn’t “grown up in poverty,” but Molly May continued to be criticized for her comments. It is branded as “Tone Hearing Impaired”.

Molly May The Hague reveals that she can't leave the house without security
Molly May Hague was accused of being “inaudible”

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Since then, Amber disagreed with what Molly May said, but insisted she didn’t want to take part in the backlash she had already received.

In a YouTube video titled “Answer Your Deepest Question” shared by Amber on Tuesday, January 11, she was asked if we all have the same 24 hours.

She states:

Amber Gil said no one thinks it's the same 24 hours a day
Amber Gil does not believe that everyone is the same 24 hours a day

“The simple answer is no, but I don’t believe in instigating hatred, trolling, or jumping in public, so I usually talk and weigh in. I like it, but it’s piled up on top of people who don’t want to add fuel to the fire. “

Amber continued. “But do you think we all have the same 24 hours? I don’t. I don’t have that view because I have a mixed race background and can see different perspectives …

“Social inequality is a big problem, whether it’s race, gender, or sexual orientation. It’s very damaging to say that we all have an equal playing field.”

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Love Island Amber Gil at risk of being banned from Instagram by advertising claims

Source link Love Island Amber Gil at risk of being banned from Instagram by advertising claims

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