Louise Thompson pays homage to his “miracle” son Leo in a lovely new photo

Louise Thompson After she was discharged in time for Christmas last week, she shared some new photos with her newborn son Leo.

Louise, 31 years old I gave birth to Leo 5 weeks agoHowever, after encountering many health problems after his birth, he remained quiet on social media.

Since leaving the hospital, Louise has recovered at home with her fiancé Ryan Libby, also 31 years old, and shared some of her new snaps to hug her son.

Since this Christmas was the first time for Leo, Louise decided to take the opportunity to dress and joked that it was a “miracle” that she was able to dress and make up.

She also named Leo a “miracle baby.”

Louise Thompson described his son Leo as her “most proud achievement”

In the photo, Louise is seen holding Leo looking at a lovely camera, and it is clear that she inherits her father’s looks.

Louise wears a stunning black and white polka-dotted dress with a large “LH” embossed turquoise blow on her hair.

The new mom captioned the photo. “LH, you are our little miracle baby.

“You are blessed with the beautiful blue eyes of your dad, and I love you apart. Despite the daily hardships, you are my most proud achievement.

She continued. “It’s also a small miracle that I was able to roll off the bed and throw flock and makeup stains, but it was your first Christmas and we had a lot to thank.”

Louise shares baby Leo with her fiancé, Ryan Libby

Louise Thompson and Ryan Libby welcome their first child together

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Louise concludes his post with the hashtags “oneday atatime” and “survivors”.

former Made in Chelsea Star hasn’t elaborated on the “serious complications” she had after Leo’s birth, but she informed 1.3 million followers that she had died almost twice.

Some of the long posts she shared on Thursday, December 23, announcing Leo’s arrival, said: Unfortunately, it wasn’t the easiest start for either of us. One arrived in the NICU and the other in the ICU.

Louise Thompson shared a photo of himself taken during his son’s postnatal hospital stay

Louise had been in the hospital for over a month

“Leo recovered fairly quickly, but I have been recovering in the hospital for a month with various serious complications.

“Honestly, I never imagined that so many bad things would happen, but dancing with death brings a whole new worldview. It clearly reminds me of how short and sacred life is. Will do it. “

Louise has been grateful to the NHS ever since And all the people who took care of her and acknowledged their achievements in saving her life.

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Louise Thompson pays homage to his "miracle" son Leo in a lovely new photo

Source link Louise Thompson pays homage to his "miracle" son Leo in a lovely new photo

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