Louise Thompson attacks Ryan as he “deserves a million medals” after her injury

Louise Thompson praised her fiancé’s parenting skills Ryan Libby in a new post, claiming he “deserves a million medals” after a traumatic few months.

The former Made in Chelsea The 32-year-old star welcomed her first child, a boy named Leowith Ryan, 31, in November and slowly adjusting to life as a mother after a traumatic birth in which she and Leo were placed in separate intensive care units.

Louise, who recently appeared with his brother Sam in a fun online videowent to Instagram to rush to her fiancé while sharing a collection of adorable family day photos.

Louise and Ryan are the parents of their five-month-old son Leo

Billy Fair, Greg Shepard and children Nelly and Arthur are a charming family unit in the photo shoot

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Ryan could be seen sweetly kissing his son at one point, while another photo showed Louise smiling as she hugged Leo in the sun.

The mother of one child wrote: “Today. Ps. Holy s *** parenting with trauma is a challenge, and then some. The mothers (and Ryan) deserve a million medals.

Louise’s followers rushed to support her, and Made in Chelsea colleague Ashley James wrote, “He’s very cute and you’re doing so well, Mom,” along with four red-hearted emojis.

Louise shared a series of charming photos from their weekend together
Louise shared a series of charming photos from her family day

Louise has continued to praise Ryan on Instagram in recent months after her traumatic birth forced her to struggle with mental health issues.

She went through complications during her birth in November and had to stay in hospital while fighting for her life, and developed post-traumatic stress disorder from the ordeal.

Louise was also honest and open about her struggle with anxiety and depression online and continued to keep her followers up to date as she recovered at home.

Despite a difficult few months, a source earlier said ok! that Louise is beginning to show signs of positive improvement in her recovery, as they say: “The dark cloud of her birth is beginning to rise a little.

“She’s starting to be able to do a few things that feel like an old woman, go to the gym, cook. I hope this is the beginning of her recovery. “

She praised Ryan, saying he
She praised Ryan, saying he “deserves a million medals”

She recently appeared in a happier mood in a fun video with her 29-year-old brother Sam, as the duo performed a dance routine together.

Louise could be seen dancing with Leo strapped to her chest as she and Sam concentrated on doing the routine properly.

Sam sweetly captioned the video: “It made me smile, I’ll be back to the joke in no time @ louise.thompson.”

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Louise Thompson attacks Ryan as he "deserves a million medals" after her injury

Source link Louise Thompson attacks Ryan as he "deserves a million medals" after her injury

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