Louise Redknapp posts a slowback clip of former Jamie Redknapp after talking about Split

Louise Redknapp I shared a slowback video featuring her ex-husband on Instagram Jamie Redknapp..

The 47-year-old singer shared a clip of the music video for “One Kiss From Haven,” celebrating its 25th anniversary, and returned to the beginning of her pop career to travel a memorable path.

The track appeared at the beginning of Louise’s romance with then-soccer player Jamie in 1996 and appeared on the singer’s debut solo album “Naked.”

To celebrate this opportunity, Louise used social media to post a series of snapshots and a video clip showing Jamie and other celebrity associates dancing.

She wrote with the post: “One Kiss From Heaven is 25 years old today !!!!

Louise posted a slowback clip of the 1996 song “One Kiss From Heaven”

Louise’s ex-husband Jamie Redknapp appeared in a video celebrating the 25th anniversary

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The fifth and final single of the debut solo album “Naked”. This was my favorite track of “Naked” so I was happy when it was a single and all my friends were able to join the video. Can you find a familiar face in the video? “

Fans found Phil Bab, Jason McAteer, Shane Lynch, Martine McCutcheon, and Kelbryan in the video with Jamie.

Louise and Jamie got married in 1998 in Bermuda after being engaged the same week. The couple had two sons (Charlie (16 years old) and Bo (13 years old)), but the couple split in 2017 after 19 years of marriage.

Jamie then remarried, Earlier this year I was caught by Swedish model Frida Andersson-Lourie.

Louise Redknapp has revealed that his sons want to find love again.

Louise said of Jamie’s new marriage, she feels “ok” about it.

The star said Sun: “I take it every day. I have no expectations in life.

“I am really grateful to be surrounded by wonderful friends.

“The most important thing is that they are with you through good and evil.”

“Everyone has good and bad times in life, and you want people by your side through it,” Louise continues, she doesn’t want “friends in the clear sky” and everything. I value someone who can help her through difficult times.

Louise says he’s “thankful” for making such great friends.

Louise has been single since divorced and has revealed that his sons Charlie and Bo are recommending to return to the dating scene.

She describes Fabulous magazine as follows: [date]?? ‘Dating takes time.

“I will do 8 shows in 5 days [Louise is currently in 9 To 5: The Musical] And on my holidays, going out and living a social life is not my priority.

“It’s a mom and hoarding the fridge. My boy only cares that I’m happy. Whatever it is.”

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Louise Redknapp posts a slowback clip of former Jamie Redknapp after talking about Split

Source link Louise Redknapp posts a slowback clip of former Jamie Redknapp after talking about Split

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