Louise Redknapp breaks social media silence after the arrival of a former Jamie baby

Louise Redknapp, 47, broke the silence of her social media in the wake of her ex-husband Jamie, 48, welcome new boys.

Louise, who shares her photo in her story and shares her two sons with Jamie, plugged in Peacock and her outfit editing.

Looking into the distance, Louise was stunned in a khaki green hooded coat.

She wrote with Snap, “It’s definitely the weather on the court,” followed by a link to Peacock and “#LouiseRedknappEdit.”

This is the first time two moms have posted Jamie announces the arrival of his son, Named Raphael on Wednesday, November 24th.

Louise spoke on social media for the first time since Jamie welcomed his new baby, Rafael.

Louise and Jamie have been married for 17 years

A former soccer player shared a nice photo of himself lying in bed next to his newborn son and wrote:

“I cannot fully thank the wonderful doctors and nurses in Chelsea and Westminster.”

“I’m very excited to see him meet my boy,” he added.

Jamie’s eldest son is Charlie, 17 and 13 year old Bo.

Jamie said he and Frida were “very in love”

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Louise settles on a new life with his wife Frida Andeshon and baby Rafael, who Jamie married in October. Her teenage sons were encouraged to find a new person.

Sources said all right!: “Louis wants to find someone, but it wasn’t that easy. She needs to learn to love herself before she loves someone else again.

“Her confidence was shattered. She and Jamie broke up a few years ago, but it’s a big change because she spent most of her life with him and her two children.”

in the meantime, Louise himself said earlier this month: “(Charlie and Bo) always say:’When are you going? [date]?? ‘Dating takes time.

Louise Redknapp has revealed that his sons want to find love again.

Louise and her 17-year-old son, Charlie

“I will do 8 shows in 5 days [Louise is currently in 9 To 5: The Musical] And on my holidays, going out and living a social life is not my priority.

“It’s a mom and hoarding the fridge. My boy only cares that I’m happy. Whatever it is.”

She added: “It sounds basic, but there are two things that are really important to me right now, because I want to be a solid part of my children’s lives.

“Now that’s enough. I’m not saying forever. I’m learning to be okay on my own. I don’t love myself, but I’m okay. I get there increase.”

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Louise Redknapp breaks social media silence after the arrival of a former Jamie baby

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