Lottie Moss Reveals Rehabilitation for “Really Bad Coca-Cola Addiction”

Lottie Moss revealed the reason why she registered for rehabilitation while continuing to fight her “really bad” addiction to class A cocaine.

Kate Moss’ younger sister and fellow model first shared her news on TikTok earlier this month, where she explained to her 25.8 thousand followers that she would enter the treatment center.

The 24-year-old Lottie shared a new video in which she admits.

In the video, the beauty from social networks told her followers: “When people ask me why I am in rehabilitation.”

Then she synchronized her lips with the sentence: “I have a very bad addiction to Coca-Cola.”

Lottie Moss says she has a “really bad” cocaine addiction in a new video

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“Wild, but real x,” the star signed the video.

Holding the camera close to his face, the star looked tired as he pretended to be singing a strange R’n’B song.

After the text revealed the reasons why she went into rehab, Lottie rested her head in her hand and sighed.

It seems to have been the evening when the model wore a lilac casual t-shirt and recently styled her pink hair in two loose braids, and also went out without makeup.

Lottie was open and honest with her fans about her path to addiction

Lottie Moss shared videos during her stay in rehab

This is not the first time Lottie has opened her doors during her rehab after entering the hospital earlier in the month.

In another video, the star’s blond locks were freshly dyed a pastel shade, and she put her hair in two thick braids with a black runny nose, also wearing a black T-shirt with sequins.

Lotti combined her metallic nails and dewy pink eye shadows and blush for her strange mane, ending in a fuchsia matte lipstick.

Fans have shown their support for the model after she sought help, and continues to receive praise for being honest with her followers.

“5 months without him and I feel the best! Well done, x, ”one man encouraged, while Lottie replied,“ I’m proud of you.

Lottie is the younger sister of supermodel Kate Moss

Lottie Moss is a successful model in her own right

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“Thank you for your honesty, xxx, this is the devil, I hope you are well xxx,” commented another follower, prompting Lottie to say, “It really is !! Health is wealth!”

This comes after Lottie’s father gave an update on the model during her stay in rehab.

Father Peter, who is also the father of Lottie’s half-sister, supermodel Kate Moss, said The sun that she is “just fine.”

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Lottie Moss Reveals Rehabilitation for "Really Bad Coca-Cola Addiction"

Source link Lottie Moss Reveals Rehabilitation for "Really Bad Coca-Cola Addiction"

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