Loose Women’s viewers were horrified as Paris Fury said he didn’t care if the dog died.

Loose Women’s fans were horrified when Paris Fury said on Tuesday that he would be “happy” when his dog died.

A 30-year-old kid appeared in the program when discussing the bereavement of a pet and told panelist Charlene White that the absence of the sweet dog Minnie wouldn’t be a “painful mistake.”


Paris Fury told viewers he wouldn’t mind if his dog Minnie diedCredit: Rex Features

Five mothers in Paris dubbed the dog “another problem at home” and surprised viewers of the ITV show.

“The dog is here. It sounds cruel if the dog is gone, but it wouldn’t be a painful mistake,” explained boxer Tyson Fury’s wife.

“I’m really very happy because she’s another problem in the house. I have 5 pee, poop machines in my house, and I’m a pee, poop machine dog I have.

“Then I have to feed them all, walk them all, wash them all … I don’t have time to commit to this puppy dog.

The viewer was horrified like Paris she felt "Lumber" With a dog


The viewer was horrified as Paris felt she “sit down” with her dog.
Five mothers have her children "Pee, poop machine"


The five mothers called their children “pee, pooping machines.”Credits: see caption

“The kids are too young to do everything. What I said before is the one I’m sitting with the dog.”

Fans of the show quickly jumped on social media to criticize the stars, saying her “shameful” comments completely scared them.

“As someone doing something to regain my beloved little soulmate, I’m appalled by her lack of complete empathy,” wrote one woman.

Another agreed, “Why did she have a dog when she didn’t want it? A nasty cow. She doesn’t deserve the animal.”

Fans used social media to blame the boxer's wife


Fans used social media to blame the boxer’s wifeCredit: Rex Features
Paris is married to boxer tyson fury


Paris is married to boxer tyson furyCredit: Rex Features

“Did Paris Fury actually say he would be happy if the dog died? What a sneaky statement,” said the third.

“Your gorgeous dog deserves love, not forgiveness,” he argued fourth in another word. “Paris, you shouldn’t have a dog. I hate it.”

In this segment, host Charlene explained that he had never had a close relationship with animals like other panelists.

Charlene talking to Paris, the mother of Prince Adonis Amazia (1 year old), Valencia Amber (2 years old), Tyson II (3 years old), Prince John James (7 years old), Venezuela (10 years old) Said:

The mother admitted she didn't have "Connection" With a dog


The mother admitted that she had no “connection” with the dogCredit: parisfury1 / Instagram

“Neither of us grew up with animals in the house, so we have no personal connection with animals.

“And I don’t always understand that. But you now have a pet. People are so close to their pet that they see them as another loved one in the company or family. When do you understand? “

Paris replied: “I think they love dogs, especially if they are in a quiet house.

“If you’re in a quiet house with one or two dogs, it’s part of your whole life and part of your life.

“If they lose a dog, it will be like losing an arm, so it will be really big for them.”

However, she concluded that she “had nothing to do with” the dog Minnie.

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Loose Women’s viewers were horrified as Paris Fury said he didn’t care if the dog died.

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