Loose Women’s panel responds to former co-star Katie Price’s suspended drunk driving decision

The Loose female The panel discussed their previous co-stars Katie PriceImprisonment with suspended sentence.

Wednesday, December 15th, Katie was sentenced to 16 weeks in prisonIn September, an accident occurred near his home in Sussex and was suspended for 12 months after being found guilty of driving, disqualified driving, and uninsured driving.

And in the episode of the ITV talk show on Thursday, Nadia Sawalha When she spoke to Judy Love, she seemed to defend her former glamor model, Carol McGiffin, And Kay Adams.

“We know Katie, and she’s a good woman who made bad choices in places and did bad things like all of us,” Kay didn’t make bad choices like Katie. Nadia began when she interrupted to reveal that she wasn’t.

Nadia Sawalha appeared on an ITV show to defend her suspended sentence for former Loose Women co-star Katie Price.

On Wednesday, December 15, Katie was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison and was suspended for 12 months with a suspended sentence after being convicted of drinking driving.

Nadia said she understood where Kay came from and further clarified her thoughts on this issue.

“This is really difficult. I can understand why I’m resentful of this sentence, and I can definitely understand it. It should be almost personal when I think of the person who died from drunk driving.

“But if you have an addiction problem, I think it’s definitely a mental health condition.

“I don’t think going to jail sorts them out, but I think something more should be given.

“For example, Katie was rehab, my husband went to rehab … after you came out, they say it’s a lifetime to take care of it.”

Kay Adams had a different view of Katie’s decision than Nadia

Judy replied: “Addiction is very difficult to deal with.

“When you get addicted, there are some places you can go to, such as prisons, but that can get worse.

“As I said, it all depends on the individual. The overall assessment is the most important thing to do to know what the main risks are and eliminate them,” she adds. I did.

Katie’s decision in Magistrates’ Court, District Judge Amanda Kelly I told Katie how lucky she was to receive the sentence. After the TV personality said “had one of the worst driving records” [she] I’ve seen it before. “

Nevertheless, Justice of the Peace postponed Katie’s decision to September, during which she asked her to attend the monastery for rehab – Ms. Kelly seemed to disagree.

Katie later used her Instagram to share her statement. .. “

She explains that she understands her dangerous situation and writes: Not just for another family, but for myself. “

Katie broke silence on Instagram after being sentenced

After that, Katie promised to continue working on mental health. “I’m spending time improving now. Mental health is a hidden illness that can be attacked at any time.

“The triggers that cause my anxiety and behavior are what I am trying to learn to understand, understand, and control my progress.

“This is a long process for me and I will continue to work on it, and I will be able to work with my family and move on to new chapters together.”

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Loose Women's panel responds to former co-star Katie Price's suspended drunk driving decision

Source link Loose Women's panel responds to former co-star Katie Price's suspended drunk driving decision

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