Loose Women’s Kaye Adams leaves ITV set after a live clash with Nadia Sawalha

Today’s episode Loose female It was confusing as panelist Kay Adams trampled the offset at the end of the show after an on-air clash with a co-star. Nadia Sawalha..

The panelists were discussing, “Is it wrong to put myself first?”Next Hollywood Actor Will Smith Admit he does.

The drama unfolded during a conversation about dogs, and Kay (58) remembered when Nadia (57) told her she didn’t think her dog had good eyes. rice field.

As the discussion progressed, Nadia told Kay: “I don’t think you put yourself first. I think you put small puppies first.”

Kay replied: “This really evolves into a very strange story about me and my dog.”

Kay Adams stepped offset at the end of today’s show

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Nadia replied: “Because it’s strange.”

Then Nadia shares a story between her and Kay. She states: “If Kay really seriously told me,’Can I tell you when you really annoyed me?’ And obviously two years ago …”

Kay jumped in. “I hope you never say the same thing again, as it will irritate me again.”

Nadia continued. “Two years ago I told her I didn’t think her dog’s eyes were particularly good.

Kay tried to stop Nadia from re-sharing the story, but said, “It really, really annoyed me.”

Nadia and Kay had a live clash about dogs

The pair then went into a nasty exchange, and Nadia said Kay was trying to make sure her dog was better than the (Nadia’s) dog.

Kay was clearly uncomfortable with the conversation and said, “She dragged on some really difficult emotions.”

When the panel falls into laughter Katie Piper Said: “Put yourself first and walk the offset.”

Kay then stood up dramatically from the chair with a tongue element on her cheek and said, “Thank you, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.”

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Loose Women’s Kaye Adams

She raised her arms and said, “This is the end of the day,” before leaving the set, and then launched next week’s show lineup, ending with a “nice weekend.”

Loose Women’s panelists then trampled the set as Katie, Nadia, and the rest of Sunetra Sarker’s panelists laughed as the credits rolled.

Loose Women's Kaye Adams leaves ITV set after a live clash with Nadia Sawalha

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