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London Metropolitan Police suspends police officer for shooting dead unarmed black man

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that the police officer who shot dead an unarmed 24-year-old black man, Chris Hippo, has been suspended from duty. Victims’ families criticized the lack of “urgency” surrounding the handling of the case.

Hippo was shot dead by an armed Metropolitan Police officer on Streatham Hill in south London on the night of 5 September.

An incident occurred following a series of scandals. Metropolitan Police Departmentwas placed under new leadership from Sir Mark Rowley this week after former Commissioner Dame Cressida-Dick stepped down in February.

The shooting occurred after firearms officers stopped Hippo’s car, which was identified as being linked to a previous firearms crime by an automatic license plate recognition camera. The vehicle was driven by Hippo, but is not registered to him.

Hippo’s cousin and family spokesperson, Jefferson Bosera, criticized the officers’ suspension for being slow.

“As you know, we wanted to start a criminal investigation first, but it took four days, and the suspended officers took another two days,” he told BBC Radio 4. today program on Tuesday“So there doesn’t seem to be any urgency in addressing this very tragic issue.”

I met Assistant Secretary Amanda Pearson. Confirmed A firearms officer involved in the shooting was suspended from frontline duty Monday night.

“This decision is the result of careful consideration of many factors, including the significant impact on public confidence,” she said. “I understand how concerned the community is, especially the black community, and I appreciate those who are working closely with local law enforcement,” she said.

The Independent Department for Police Action in England and Wales said on 9 September, criminal murder investigation It was in progress following the incident. MET stated in their inquiry that they are “actively supporting IOPC”.

according to IOPCs, a bullet was fired when officers attempted to “stop and contain” the vehicle Hippo was driving. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was administered and the London ambulance service was called for additional support. Hippo, who was her pregnant father, later died in hospital.

Over the past year, the Metropolitan Police have made many negative headlines about police behaviour.

March 2021, police officer at the time Wayne Cousins .

on the other hand, report An IOPC report published in February this year highlighted incidents of sexism, racism and sexual harassment among officers at Charing Cross Police Station.

Earlier this year, Deputy Commissioner bass havidthe brother of former Conservative Health Secretary Sajid Javid admitted that concerns about racism remain within the military.

“There are people who have racist views and are racist and are in the police,” he told the BBC. I won’t.”

Over the weekend, lawmakers and activists, including rapper Stormzy, protested outside The Met’s headquarters, Scotland Yard, expressing their outrage and calling for justice from Hippo’s family.

His family alleges race played a role in his death. there is,” they said. statement.

Bel Ribeiro Addi, a Labor MP from Streatham who participated in Saturday’s protests, argued that the Metropolitan’s decision to suspend the officer in question should not have been the result of public pressure.

“The time has come to honor the family’s further requests without delay.” she wrote On Twitter, Hippo’s family added that they are still awaiting the release of police body camera footage, a timeline for the IOPC investigation and proper accountability from the police. It’s not worth it,” she added.

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