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United Kingdom

London is facing ‘unprecedented’ transport demand for the Queen’s funeral.Queen Elizabeth II

Mourners who wish to travel London Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to travel to pay their respects to the Queen, so they have been told to prepare for “unprecedented” demand at transportation and stations.

As many as 750,000 people are expected to visit the capital starting Wednesday to pay their respects to the late king, who has been in the state for four days before his funeral on Monday.the public they are warned You may face a 12 hour queue to see her coffin at Westminster Hall.

Network Rail, Rail Delivery Group (RDG) and Transport for London (TfL) are urging travelers to plan ahead and anticipate busy services and busy stations, allowing passengers to reach their final destination in the capital if possible. I added that I should consider walking to.

The TfL says avoid driving in London if possible, and avoid the Green Park Underground station altogether if using public transport. Other stations such as Westminster, Victoria, Waterloo, Hyde Park Corner and Marble Arch are also expected to be very busy.

“Unprecedented travel demand is expected to be seen in the capital, especially from Wednesday 14 September,” the three organizations said on Monday.

The RDG, which represents all rail operators, said it would not be possible to travel to Windsor, where the Queen is buried, after seeing the funeral in London on the day of the funeral.

RDG’s Director of Customer Information, Jason Webb, said: “Naturally, at a time when many are in national mourning, we want to pay tribute to Her Majesty the Queen.” Trains and stations are likely to be very busy on the day of the funeral, Monday, September 19, so we will need to carefully plan the timing of our return home.”

Travelers were warned: London Underground Stations will operate as normal, but may require “short-term safety measures” such as queuing, closures, nonstop trains and changes to how customers enter and leave the station.

When roads are closed, some buses will be diverted or stopped short of their destinations, and some buses will be reduced.

“Roads and public transport in and around central London will be very congested,” the organization said.

TfL is also running a special service between Paddington and Abbeywood on Sunday. Sundays are typically closed for testing and software updates. There are 12 trains per hour to relieve pressure on the rest of London’s transport network.

The tube station near Buckingham Palace is already in high demand as people travel in honor of it. About 30,000 people used St. James Park Station on Saturday. That’s about three times what he was a week ago.

Other subway stations that are significantly more crowded include Green Park, which increased by 80% weekly to 102,518 on Saturdays. Charing Cross increased by 64% to 40,119, and Hyde Park Corner increased by 78% to 14,564.

A similar trend was seen on Sunday, with the same stations rising 156%, 59%, 55% and 140% respectively.

Travel warning came after London Underground service there was a serious upheaval on monday morning Because TfL described it as a “power issue”.

Around 7am the entire Victoria line was shut down and then restarted. The Piccadilly line was suspended between Hyde Park Corner and Cockfosters, and the rest of the line was significantly delayed.

Underground stations, including Oxford Circus and King’s Cross, have been evacuated and closed due to the problem.

Hotels in the capital have reported an increase in bookings during the official mourning period. Travelodge, which has nearly 80 hotels in the city, said it saw a surge in bookings for London from across the UK.

The last person in England to lie in state was the Queen Mother. An estimated 200,000 people visited her halls in Westminster to pay their respects before her funeral on April 9, 2002.

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