London-based refurbished electronics startup Reboxed will raise £ 1m to rehome 100 million devices by 2030

Household appliances are one of the most polluted industries in the world, producing about 50 million tonnes of e-waste each year. Approximately millions of mobile phones are wasted each year and eventually landfilled. And all of those devices have taken valuable earth material to create at the expense of the environment and the community.

Founded by London-based Matt Thorn and Phil Chemish Reboxed It aims to transform the way used technology is bought and sold, creating smarter and more sustainable options for consumers to upgrade and trade their technology while saving money and the planet.

Secure £ 1m

The latest developments have refurbished and reboxed used high-tech brands to secure £ 1m in funding, including: New seed investment Rounds led by the Ministry of Sound and angel investors total £ 700,000.

Rohan Presenter, Chairman of the Ministry of Sound, said: When a cell phone breaks or is replaced, it buys the latest model and results in a pile of e-waste. Reboxed has a mission to show how to constructively recycle technical waste and is a mission that we sincerely support. We are excited to share stories with our customers and support our business. It grows to the next level. “

How will the funds be used?

The funds will be used to support the launch of a reboxed recycling service that allows customers and retailers to trade in used devices through the reboxed TechCheck software.

In addition, the company will leverage this investment to rehome 100 million devices, grow its team and leverage partnerships with content creators, including collaborations with investors and technology enthusiasts such as YouTube star Ali. Introduce the brand to millions of people. NS.

“I’m actively investing in startups that I feel can have a positive impact on areas of interest to both me and my viewers. One of these concerns is technology. It was easy because I was trying to be environmentally friendly. When the opportunity came up with Reboxed. I found that these devices were repaired, rehomed at an affordable price, and reduced the amount of technical waste. I like it. I’m excited to work with Reboxed to change the way we think about old and damaged things and make a positive difference in the tech industry, “says Ali-A.

Against disposable culture

The UK company replays used devices and reboxes them into premium phones. The company follows a cyclical model of rebox, rehome and repeat, and has a positive impact on the environment and society.

reboxed wants to mobilize people for harmful waste, toxic waste, and a disposable culture that has the hidden dark side of the Earth plundering resources.

For each device purchased or sold, Ecologi will be used to rebox five trees and donate 1% of the profits to a climate change project.

Reboxed co-founder and CEO Phil Kemish said: This investment demonstrates confidence in what we have built and continues our mission to provide all our customers and the used technology industry with exciting and outstanding upgrades. “

Co-founder Matt Thorne said: Tech is a new start. We promise to save money and the planet while providing value, quality and convenience by building a circular economy of used technology and shifting people from buying new to reboxing. “

London-based refurbished electronics startup Reboxed will raise £ 1m to rehome 100 million devices by 2030

Source link London-based refurbished electronics startup Reboxed will raise £ 1m to rehome 100 million devices by 2030

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