London-based B2B funding online platform HUBX gets more investment

Based in London HUBXACF Investors’ Delta Fund and Mandalore Partners, trading syndication platforms for banks and brokerage firms, welcomed two new investors to join their existing investors Barclays and Basinghall Partners.

Eyes to gain momentum

HUBX co-founder Axel Coastere said: The front-end transaction syndication process is the logical next step from a digital perspective in the capital markets. We look forward to working with Mandalore Partners and ACF Investors to achieve platform adoption in this area. “

Stephen Ong, co-founder of HUBX, said: Providing a single infrastructure for large and small banks as well, significantly increasing efficiency for large institutions, cost-effective state-of-the-art technology for small institutions, and digital transformation of front office operations We can provide it immediately. “

MinhQ, Managing Partner of Mandalore. Tran said: Therefore, we would like to involve more institutional investors on the marketplace or blockchain platform to evaluate the new alternative assets of private equity. “

Tim Mills, CEO of ACF Investors, said: The traction they currently have has helped major institutions in both Europe and the United States strengthen their value proposition. “

HUBX: Heads up

Headquartered in London, HUBX, also known as Hub Exchange Limited, provides a state-of-the-art trading syndication platform that enables banks, brokers, exchanges and asset managers to perform private transactions both inside and outside their networks. This helps financial institutions meet time-critical transaction deadlines and significantly reduce the costs associated with executing and synthesizing private transactions. HUBX not only provides a robust and secure platform directly, but also through outsourcers and major industry service providers.

The platform allows financial institutions to digitize syndicated loans and private placement transactions by securely collaborating with other organizations without sharing personal data. This allows all HUB X clients to access other client networks for transaction syndication and private-based collaborative bookruns. HUBX clients and partners include Tier 1 Bank, Finastra and Barclays.

With that solution, HUBX simplifies collaboration between banks by allowing institutions of all sizes to quickly deploy their own transaction syndication platform and share transactions privately on their own terms. Each platform leverages actionable insights and structured data that connect to back office systems such as Fusion Loan IQ to provide a single source of truth and process directly.

London-based B2B funding online platform HUBX gets more investment

Source link London-based B2B funding online platform HUBX gets more investment

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