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Lockdown News: Boris warned by BBCQT audience not to delay June 21 | UK | News

With the surge in India’s first delta variant covid cases, scientists have urged the prime minister to delay the end of the UK blockade. However, the audience said the government had promised to be “irreversible” on June 21st.

Audiences at a show hosted by Fionables pointed out that college students are coming home soon. This can mean more transmission.

She added: “I’m certainly very worried about going to the supermarket without wearing a face mask. I still keep doing that, but I can’t legislate for others.

“There are variants in our hands that show that they are very contagious, but I think we need to be very careful about how we manage them.

“I don’t think anyone has a problem with continuing the current restrictions. We have the freedom to be unblocked. Everyone is happy that it keeps them and their families safe. If so, I think they will continue to respect it more.

“We just need to measure and follow science. I think the government should really pay attention to over-promises and inadequate offerings when we don’t know what will happen.”

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The prime minister will announce whether June 21 can be advanced on Monday, but previously said it was “too early” to make a call.

Prior to the meeting with US President Joe Biden, the Prime Minister said:

“I think what everyone can clearly see is the increase in cases and, in some cases, the increase in hospitalizations.

“What we need to evaluate is how much the incredible vaccine deployment has built up population protection to take it to the next level. That’s what we see.” “

Sir Charles Walker, a Tory lawmaker in Broxbourne, said the BBC News Nightbrit was “disappointed” when June 21 was delayed.

He added: “If we can’t open the economy in the middle of summer, I think we’re facing a very realistic outlook for a more compulsory blockade in the fall.

“I don’t know how to avoid it.”

He later stated: “It seems that we have moved from a statement that we live with Covid to Zero Covid.

“People need to ask themselves-if they are locked down from mid-July to late July, what would it be possible not to perform a forced lockdown during the October, November and December influenza seasons? I think it should be a really big concern for me. “

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Within 28 days after a positive coronavirus test yesterday, there were an additional 7,393 cases and 7 deaths.

At the time of writing, there were 4,542,986 cases and 127,867 deaths in the United Kingdom.

Yesterday, another 176,559 first dose of coronavirus vaccine and a second dose of 316,258 were given.

In total, the UK has 40,886,878 first doses and 28,857,102 second doses, representing 77.6 percent and 54.8 percent of the population, respectively.

Lockdown News: Boris warned by BBCQT audience not to delay June 21 | UK | News

SourceLockdown News: Boris warned by BBCQT audience not to delay June 21 | UK | News

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